Anjelica's - Sea Bright

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Hey Johnny, welcome to the new digs. Good to see you. We’ve been goofing off here for a while - 'bout time you followed the trail of breadcrumbs.

As to the chop, it was veal. I didn’t notice pork, but I’m partial to baby cows.


LOL, yeah Im a little slow and didn’t get the hint until a nice fella told me today.

I’ll be in point on friday at some holiday party (lobster shanty)

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That was the least that fellow could do. Especially, when you consider that he’s the one who keeps eating the breadcrumbs. Then again, maybe it’s partly my fault - I’m the guy who insists upon using only freshly baked babkas.


Im bumping this up. Has anyone been lately? I went last night. Will report more but all around another great pork chop and experience.


First of all, I’m so excited to see that there is somewhere more active and interesting than Chowhound for the NJ scene. What a relief!

I’ve been here probably about 6 times in the past year. The food is always better than average but they really need to figure out their reservations. Sometimes they will take any reservation which results in a VERY long wait because they over booked, or they tell you they have nothing available yet you sweet talk them and you are nearly alone. Very odd.

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Welcome gracieggg!!! FYI there is a “welcome” thread for you to tell us a little more about yourself;

If you don’t mind me asking how did you find us? Welcome again and I also agree with you assessment of Angelica’s.


Hi! I posted on the thread you linked.

I found this site because I actually posted on Chowhound about Fromagerie and didn’t get any responses. This seems to be a friendlier site with more activity. Also, after they “upgraded” the site, it just hasn’t been the same.

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So did you hear about Hungry Onion on Chow or somehow else like a Google search?


Sorry, I didn’t answer you question! Yes, I found this site through the power of Google!

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That is awesome!!


Yeah it is great to see some nice action on here. Chow hound is dead as can be.

So my double cut berkshire chop was again superb! It wasn’t the biggest cut this time but the flavor and tenderness of this pork is downright awesome. Don’t get me wrong…it’s big! I have just had some monster slabs here. It rivals great steak and I’m a steak guy. I gave a slice to my dad and he says “wow!” They were both really impressed with their dishes (lobster ravioli special and veal saltimbocca.) One new thing I noticed was the sauce is a little different. They definitely boosted the butter content. I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

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I’m telling you CJ try the pork chop at Woody’s!


I’ll get there soon but I think the ribeye is on my list!

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Going to Anjelica’s Sunday. Sounds like I should order the pork chop??

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I also enjoy the veal chop.


Yes Seal, I am not letting you down on this one buddy. I think you will really enjoy it. FYI, I sub out the broccoli rabe and get green beans and mashed potato.

FYI, the chop takes up to 45 minutes to cook so I order it right when I get there. (the others arent held up that way.)



Did you make it over to Angelica’s?

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Did. And the pork chop was very good tyvm @corvette_johnny.

But, there was so much wrong there Sunday night that I didn’t even want to post. They didn’t even make the Sunday Sauce. They ran out of lobster, even for the pasta dish with it, and also no veal chops. An order of shrimp parm wasn’t made - they said they made a diff shrimp dish instead and this was after we waited long past the 45 mins before that I ordered my pork chop. Had to ask for more olive oil for the bread three times and a few times sat with empty water glasses waiting for somebody to refill those. But the chop tasted good and I did sub out the rabe as I only like that bitter green on one thing - a pork italian sandwich,


Bumping this up…

Has anyone been to Angelicas lately?

Also, does anyone know what is going on with the old Donovans location? Construction is well on its way, but the building looks really low as I drive by. I thought they have to jack it up 12ft now?

Also, any reports on other spots like the black swine, even tide or rum runner? Maybe I should start a sea bright thread :slight_smile:

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Rum Runner sucks. Hope that helps! Lol