An immigrant hopes to find his American dream with ... French tacos?



We have a French taco place in Toronto, and I haven’t tried it yet . Maybe this weekend.

The Toronto location

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One finds them fairly easily in Paris, but I haven’t dared yet. Despite the name, it sounds closer to Poutine to me (which one can also get in Paris).


Taco? :thinking:
Why would anyone use that Name to describe this Dish?

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I didn’t know if the Brick and Cheese name, which is the name of the French Taco shop in Toronto, came from Brik, the long lost North African cousin of the taco, which is more closely related etymologically to boureka and burek? Briks are relatively easy to find in France. (I’m a brik/ boureka/ burek/ hand pie enthusiast)

The French Taco looks more closely related to a brik or a burrito than a taco, structurally.


That is a tenuous to nonexistent familial relationship :melting_face:

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With the fries, meat, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, to me it seems a bit more like a San Diego style California burrito than a taco.

I’d eat it.

ETA: just realized I posted almost the same comment in a previous discussion of this French delicacy :joy:


I took a photo. I haven’t worked up the courage to order one yet.

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