An American (chinos) in Paris ???

Hi there,

Landed CDG coupla days ago. Great weather, fun getting reacquainted with this lovely city.

Question if you don’t mind. Any idea where to get an artichoke salad like we loved in Nice? Raw sliced hearts tossed w/evoo and Parmesan, on top of arugula sometimes.


Hi, Ah you are in Paris!

Well a few places you can eat cuisine from Nice.
Les cocottes - Paris 7
Les Niçois - Paris 11
Bagnard - Paris 2

Though artichoke salad, they are more common in spring or summer.

If not, you can try salad bars like Koss Bio Bar- 9e
You compose your own salad. (I haven’t tried this place)

Enjoy and have fun! Don’t forget to share if you come across something great.

Since you talked about raw hearts, we ate some ‘raw’ kidney a few days ago, dipped in warm oil for many hours to cook.

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Thanks! Will look up your suggestions for the salad. Have you had before? We’ve only had a few times, and only in Nice.

I may post a summary of our eats in Paris and Barcelona. Realistically, our meals won’t be interesting to anyone who are familiar with French food. The food is generally so good here, and at such affordable prices, especially the wines!!

My wife LOVES raw food, especially seafood. We had some gorgeous mussels on the half today at a standup counter that were super briny, firm and delicious. Rarely/never get raw mussels back home, only once in a Brazilian joint in Miami.

Got hooked on seafood towers in Nice. Any suggestions for reasonable priced raw seafood? We’re staying in the Holiday Inn on Grand Blvd.


For raw seafood, try to search the post of @bcc he is amateur and loves to go to seafood restaurants in Paris. Or just ask in the forum. My husband refuses eating raw seafood in Paris (except Japanese), he always says they overcharge and seafood are not as fresh as the seaside cities.

I have never been to Nice, maxi south is Marseille.

Overcharge? Wow!!

Today’s fix of 6 oyster, 2x6 mussels, assorted marinated octopus and 2 glasses is wine came to usd$27. The bivalves were very fresh (to us).

That’s maybe 33% of what we pay back home, for way inferior stuff.

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The whole meal for 2 for $27?! Wow name please!

Clamato 11e is known for seafood.

I suspect its a rebellious thing, Paris vs provinces thing, you know! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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La Reine Mer (1 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud) Paris 11- bar à huîtes happy hour (6 oysters + glass of wine = 9€ from 5:30 to 7pm)

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Not an entire meal, but a nice plate of seafood and two glasses of wine. Seafood stand on the left past this sign pointing to Medard.


Ok they are selling seafood, I see!

Bulots Bulots (83 Rue des Martyrs) Paris 18 - oyster bar

Huîtrerie Régis (3 Rue de Montfaucon) Paris 6 - single source oysters

Huguette Bistro (81 rue de Seine) Paris 6 - Oysters


Our bill. Even for a stand up stand, way way cheaper than San Francisco, at least.


First meal was literally around the corner from our hotel on Grand Blvd.

Bouilon Chartier does not get much love from those who know better. Fortunately, we walked in “blind” and enjoyed the experience.

Foie Gras delicious, crouton less so. Escargot good, but as often remarked, only for the garlic butter. Sautéed Veal nice, but I love just about anything if the gravy is good.

Calve’s Head. Yummy!! Tender pieces of tongue, velvety slices of cheek meat with marvelous fat layer.

Bottle of Cote du Rhône @ €13, young but drinkable.

Carrefour next door to stock up on refreshments. Good start for the week.


If you like this type of restaurants, there are
Bouillon Pigalle - Paris 18
Brasserie Barbès - Paris 18
Bouillon Julien - Paris 10 (place is beautiful!)

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Planned to wake up early to hit up a farmer’s market nearby. A bottle of Medoc and one Bordeaux nixed that idea, ouch.

Got to the farmer’s market at 2pm, all gone save the scavengers who were foraging up some damn good looking fruits and other produce.

DW dug in her heels when we walked past Les Ambassades, past two gentlemen enjoying a gorgeous lunch.

We tucked in. She, Steak Tartare. I was drooling over the other guy’s steak on a plank. Opted for Carnard Confit, impressively juicy and tender. 500ml Merlot. All in all, delicious lunch al fresco in Paris. Yes!!


We ate recently at Bouillon Pigalle. It was our first night in the city. Very inexpensive, something like 42 USD for a small salad, eggs& mayonnaise, veal blanquette , roast chicken and house wine
cote de rhone 50cl
Very affordable, not outstanding but adequate. Lively atmosphere. It was fun.
We really enjoyed our lunch at Boullion Racine. Beautiful spot and the food was excellent. Was not much more in cost (except we had dessert). Carrot soup, veal filets with roast tomatoes, floating island and assorted ice creams.


We had dinner at your 1st suggestion. :slight_smile:

Queue’d up a tad late at 6m, and “only” waited for about 20 minutes. When we left after dark, the line was around the corner!!


Not one for elbow to elbow dining, we totally lucked out and had a deuce on the upper balcony with ample distance from our neighbors.

Very beefy rich Marrow Bone, better than touted at most venues. Onion Soup, a tad heavy on the sel, delicious nevertheless. Artichoke Salad, not what I’d hoped for, ok.


She, Steak Tartare AGAIN. That’s the way she rolls.

I had Lamb Stew. Tough choice, as other items were tugging at me. Right choice, very tender and lamb-my.

Litre of Cote du Rhône @€13. Works for me.