Amore in Armonk NY

I recently co-hosted a private event at Amore in Armonk and we were really impressed with them so I wanted to give a quick review.

Samantha, the event planner, is lovely and went above and beyond to make sure our event went smoothly.

We chose the four course luncheon/dinner menu, which at about $36 pp (not including tax/tip) comes with two appetizers served family style, a plated salad, a plated entree (choice of 3), and dessert. Food across the board was excellent, especially for a large group (we had over 30 people) being served simultaneously. Apps were their delicious arancini and little pizzettes and they kept freshening these up for us. The salad was not just dialed in-- nice fresh greens with a bright vinagrette. The entrees were well received by our guests-- we chose the chicken parm, the eggplant rollatini, and the chicken francese. I had the chicken francese and I was actually shocked at how good it was. I was expecting more basic banquet type fare but this was legitimately well made and served with crispy sauteed seasonal vegetables. Dessert was delicious Italian cookies, bakery I assume, cannolis (I’d stick to the cookies next time) and gorgeous platters of fresh fruit.

Service for the party was fantastic. Because our group was large enough to take over the entire main dining room the restaurant was almost all ours and that meant the service was very attentive. They were ready to bring us anything we needed and were extremely accommodating.

The dining room is lovely and the warm yellow wall color photographed very well. I highly, highly recommend Amore for a private party. If anyone wants any more info, I’d be happy to help!

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I work down the block from Amore. They used to be in the shopping center at the other end of Armonk. This new location is very nice. I can’t speak to the food, but I get salads from there for lunch and like them very much. Sounds like a good location for a private party!

Yes their salads are quite good. If I’m going to get pizza in Armonk I’d give Fortina the edge but this place is a bit more traditional and less party central (more families and an older crowd). The menu is pretty extensive and like Fortina they also have really good customer service.

I find they are two totally different concepts so there are times I like the “slice” (Amore) but mostly I like the Fortina pie too.

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Was just wondering if you have tried Zero otto nova? and what you think of it. I’ve gone a few times,but i prefer several other places. I keep meaning to try Amore,but if i want just a slice then Nnorth Broadway Pizza ,in town< does a very good “traditional slice”.

I actually don’t think I’ve ever had their regular pizza by the slice. The pizzettes at the party were more like the thin crust Fortina has. Will have to give them a try.

Yes and I hated it

Hmmm- the pizza I had there was very good (not great).I found the crust cooked properly,but the edges were a too light/puffy crust. Very light dough,but just not my type. Ido like anthony’s coal fired in white plains for a whole pie - not ny style but still good (even though it is a chain).

Where, Rich? Zero? I work next door to Broadway but have yet to try their slice. Though it looks and smells good!

Yes was referring to zero,and do yourself a favor and try N. B’way- (haven’t been in awhile),but a good solid slice joint- not gourmet or fancy but good ny style. Also rarely (never) mentioned is pelham village pizza - very traditional and good- I’m a big fan of the overly healthy (of course) sausage slice there- the crust seems to be strengthened (thicker?) to hold the chunks of slightly greasy sausage and extra dollops of sauce-defintely not gourmet or “fashionable” but solid old time pizzeria.

I work next door and someone from my office gave me a gift certificate to Broadway N. I will probably get something there soon. I usually don’t do pizza for lunch so I have only had their salads and much prefer Amore’s. But people at work bring in the slices so I will be trying soon!

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