Zero Otto Nove, Armonk NY

Or as I now refer to it “Zero Otto No Way.” Went last night . I have tried in vain to get any feedback on the place except on the original Arthur Avenue location (good pizza) so we finally decided to try it. Really, we just wanted to go someplace we’d never been.

I think it was originally an old garage and the first restaurant there, Route 22, was a better fit for the space. We thought of hitting Fortina last night, but it was very muggy out and Fortina keeps one side of the restaurant open in the summer for outside access and I thought it might be too hot. Plus, it was something new. Well, guess what. 089 has a big open garage door! It was a weird blend of chilly from the air blowing on me and wet from the humidity.

The menu was inviting and seemed to have some good choices. Although I wanted Chicken Scarpariello since it was on the bone, it was all dark meat and I prefer white - sorry! DH had an arugula salad to start and it was fine. Nice lemony dressing and shards of reggiano. For entrees I had pizza (reputed to be very good). It was not good. The crust was raw tasting and the mozz was barely melted. I probably should have sent it back to be cooked more but it wasn’t worth it. The sauce was decent. They were in a rush to bring food out - I will say. DH had the Vitello Affumicato - veal medallions with speck, roasted peppers, basil and smoked mozz. The veal was really neither medallions nor scallopine - just weird little pieces of veal. It was smokey, as advertised, but that was the only flavor in the dish. And the sauce - well, it was really just oil.

The place is very popular and was crowding up, but I will say almost 100% families with kids. They have a decent outdoor space for dining so that is a plus. Whatever, we wont’ be back. Oh, to find some good Italian food like we used to get when we lived in Queens!

Thanks for the report, Gwenn. Just the other day I was talking with friends about Zero. Not much buzz coming out of there lately. Of course, it opened with a big name behind it: Roberto of Arthur Ave. Now he has spread out into Manhattan as well, and his spots on Arthur Ave. remain busy…

I’m not sure why they are busy, but to each his own!!! :grinning:

They were in a rush to bring food out

Oh really. They’re off my list.

Yes, they were formerly a kitschy car themed restaurant - no surprise, hubby and his car buddies liked it - but it was only fair food-wise.

Wow, 089 puts up nice pictures. Guess that’s all they are, nice pictures and a place that yuppies probably flock to.

Thanks for the reality check, Gwenn.

Good Italian? Francesco’s, in White Plains.

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You’ve mentioned them before. I know where the place is. We will need to try it!

We’ve been to the Manhattan branch a few times (though not recently) and found the food, including the pizza, to be well-prepared and tasty. So, it would appear that the quality depends on who is in charge of the kitchen at each location.

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Thanks for posting. I’ve wondered about this place but will give it a pass. Especially with Fortina and Amore (second favorite Italian in Armonk) nearby there doesn’t seem to be much reason to try ZON.

I used to work in Armonk and loved the salads at Amore. The pizza was ok. How is the food food? I know they moved since I was there.

We didn’t have pizza since if we go out for pizza we really only go to Fortina. (My husband is a pretty great pizzamaker himself so we don’t often go out for it!) I remember sharing delicious croquettes and all the pastas were enjoyed. Portions are large which is nice as we had a lot of leftovers. Like Fortina, they are friendly and accommodating, just slightly less hip! :slight_smile:

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