Amish Country Meetup

Would anybody be interested in a Lancaster County/Amish Country meetup? Harvest season is beginning and we can visit produce, meat, and cheese shops while they’re in full swing. We could also visit a local restaurant or two but farms and roadside markets are the big story. If it happens on a weekday, we can also visit a produce auction.

There was some interest in this at the Flushing meetup a week ago and I hope it can happen.

BTW…if you’d like to come and don’t have a car, you can come by Amtrak. At least one of us can meet you at the station.


Unfortunately, a trans-Atlantic trip is out of the question but I’m envious. Hope this comes off and there’s a detailed report back. We included a couple of days in Lancaster on one of our American holidays some years back. A lovely part of the world but to add in all those food stops would have been great. Of course, mention of the town of Intercourse always provokes a snigger.


From my one trip to the Lancaster area many years ago, I remember the ice cream was better than I had had pretty much anywhere else! (We also stopped at markets and picked up, among other things, shoofly pie.)

Hope you get some bites (ha) @byarvin! You might try tagging some of the more regular regional posters like @Steve to tag in other folks from the region.

Truer words were never spoken. Lapp Valley Farm Dairy is my favorite for ice cream in Amish country.

We’ll have to have an ice cream stop - or maybe an ice cream journey. It’s an angle I hadn’t considered.

Definitely 1. Maybe 2 depending on Kay’s work schedule/day/time.

I’m nearby in York. Definitely interested.

Definitely interested. Party of 2.

Ice cream journey sounds about right for that quality of dairy!

I mean, this would essentially be a dream come true (I love ice cream so much.)

I was thinking that when you responded :slight_smile:

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So … we can do this on a Thursday or Saturday … probably August 20th or 25th. A Saturday trip could feature an evening detour to Gelato di Babbo which is great, but (just) outside of Lancaster County. What’s the consensus?

Saturdays could work for kay, depends on work. Either works for me.

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Can do either because I’ll be on vacation and therefore free on Thursday.

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As late as possible in the month works best for us.

we’re in York - either date works for us (. . . . at the moment)
party of two…

Okay … Here’s a tentative destination list:

Hope Springs Dairy (cheese)
Beiler’s Fruit Farm
Ja-Lin Produce
Centerville Bulk Foods
Dienner’s Country Restaurant
Down-On-The-Farm Dairy (ice cream)
New Holland Coffee Company
Appel Valley Meats

All subject to change.

BTW… the date isn’t fixed yet while I wait for confirmation of an oral surgery appointment.
BTW#2 … meeting time depends on transport; if people are coming by Amtrak, we can pick them up and drop them off.

2 of us would be interested in joining. Saturday only; no weekdays. The 20th is probably out for us, so I’m with @Homestyleturkey with “as late as possible in the month”. 27th would definitely be a yes.

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For me, it will be as late in the month as possible without doing the tour with a mouthful of stiches. Give me a few more hours.

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Traffic wise, early September would be even better