Amish Country Meetup

That makes it easy. How about Saturday September 3rd? It’s Labor Day weekend and that means big crowds and big displays. All our stops will be putting their best feet forward. Second choice would be Saturday September 17th. A time with many more pumpkins and apples.

What’s the story?

eek, no way to labor day weekend.

I vote for September 17

In September, we could only do the 24th.

Okay. I’m going to make September 17th official. It will still be warm enough to enjoy ice cream outdoors and there will be a huge amount of produce in the farmer’s markets. Expect to see lots of pumpkins!

If anybody wants to use public transportation to get out here, send me an email and we can work out the details.


is there some kind of schedule proposal for this event?
I’m looking at the proposed destinations - they are spattered all over everywhere - is there a bus that going to take the meet-up crowd from place to place?

waiting to assemble a crowd of attendees, arriving separately through traffic and getting lost . . . at eight different widely dispersed destinations does not sound like something that’s going to work out all so well.

am I missing something?

Not expecting a bus to be provided. I’ve done tours of this type before without problems. We all meet at the 1st location and then play follow the leader to each place.

The only plan so far is that drivers will meet at New Holland Coffee Company and pool into two or three cars. If people are coming by train, or require a lift for some other reason. We locals can get them before the first stop. (I live really close to the Amtrak station for example) If the crowd turns out to be more than two or three carloads. We’ll skip New Holland Coffee Company and meet instead at Shady Maple with its gigantic parking lot, decent coffee, and restrooms.

And besides, if we’re more than six or eight, Dienner’s will be too small and Shady Maple might be our best second choice.

Grew up going to Lancaster County at least once a year most of my life. Curious to see when y’all get out there. It’s a nearly three hour trip but the BF and I love it out there. Doubtful to join but maybe. Please post lots of pics!

I’ve created several Amish Co. threads on HO in the Philly board if anyone is interested!

Put us down for 2.

I’m in for 2

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr