American Food

I knew I should have left out the swimsuit comment! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I see the swimsuit thing from both sides, really. On one hand more power to the older women! BUT, they are made to look so unrealistic, even after the numerous surgeries they’ve already had. What really bugs me are the celebrity older women that continually post pics of themselves in bikinis ad nauseum - I’m thinking Elizabeth Hurley and Christie Brinkley here. We get it - you guys do look good, you can stop now! So over it!

Yes, I don’t disagree. I’m not entirely comfortable with display-as-empowerment, generally. But if it serves some women, fine, and I absolutely don’t give a rat’s ass whether it gives “some teen boy a nightmare.”


It does seem like a paean to oneself.

If they offered me a bucket of $ to pose in a swimsuit, I’d take it. Wonder how much she got. Even if she offered that fee to her favorite charity, why not?

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Hell, I’d do it for the fame and the trip to the D.R. Not that anyone’s asking. Or likely to.

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She just got the standard model fee.

When I think American foods, I think of two scenarios: 1) food developed and commonly available in America in some form (good or bad, adapted to some regional taste or ingredients) or 2) a dish adapted to the American palate with local ingredients and foods and popularized across American society (usually it’s a very specific version of a dish that has become distinct from its origin)

Examples of 1 for me:
Grilled cheese sandwich
Buffalo wings

Examples of #2 for me:
Hot Dog
American Pizza (the classic covered in a type of tomato sauce and cheese)
Spam Musubi

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