Amazon Fresh - has anyone tried them?

I work late and for me it can be very convenient to have my groceries waiting at my door when I get home. Up until now I wasn’t willing to pay the fee for membership, but Amazon Fresh now has free delivery for Prime members. Yesterday I tried them for the first time and was very pleased. Items arrived on time, were fresh, were packaged well and were cheaper than what it costs at my local grocery store (7 bananas for $1!!). Has anyone used them? Good or bad experience?

Yes - at my location it’s called Amazon Now and delivers from the large WF in our area in a two hour window you select. While I usually like going to the store, there are some days when work makes it too difficult. I like the service for our staples - milk, cereal, cleaning stuff, etc. The cheese and produce I have ordered have been fresh, well, packaged in a cooler bag with reusable ice. What I really like is the “shop your prior purchases” function that makes re-stocking the things we use over and over easy. Yes, it’s probably no a necessary service, but I it does help when I find myself on the losing end of an 80 hour work week.

I will definitely use the “shop your prior purchases” next time around!

Where are you located?

Fresh and Prime Now are slightly different, though I think they are converging slowly.

I have family who use Fresh as their main grocery store. I use Now when I want Whole Foods delivered.

You give up control of choice (produce bothers me most, but meat & fish too) but they are very good about refunds for bad items or wrong items. That said, if you really wanted something, a refund is not what you are after…

But yes, I’m a fan.

I have friends who prefer fresh direct for quality of products, if that’s an option for you.

“Amazon Fresh” (and Whole Foods) not available where I live, although other grocers that deliver are. I guess the day will come when it doesn’t make sense to go to the store. I would definitely consider this for non-perishables, as long as it kept “good” jobs in the neighborhood.

Amazon used to send me birthday presents, and I do a LOT of shopping online, but I also take personal responsibility for the fact that our last bookstore closed at least ten, maybe twenty years ago. I remember seeing the first Harry Potter book their shortly be fire they closed.

I am a bit confused about the difference between the two as well. I think they may have already converged after Fresh - who had a separate membership found out people weren’t willing to pay extra for it. I got an email from Amazon that Fresh is now free with my Prime membership with a Start Shopping button. I clicked, shopped and, so far, a satisfied customer, but I don’t know if the groceries came from Whole Foods, a combo of local stores or their own distribution center.

For me, that day has arrived and I couldn’t be happier. I never liked shopping (malls or groceries). I don’t have the time and never enjoyed it. I buy everything online and now groceries too!

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Might be by location. The history near me was Fresh was to compete with FreshDirect, Peapod, etc. Local grocery delivery of WF was via Instacart. Then Amazon bought WF, waited out their Instacart contract, and added groceries to their PrimeNow offering.

I know what meat and fish and groceries my local WF has, and PrimeNow delivers that home.

Fresh used to have its own warehouses, so while they have some WF packaged brands, other stuff is different.

Depends on what you want. All convenient :grimacing:

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