Alton Brown Fan thread

My first Alton Brown recipe that I made, that is a keeper for me is his chicken enchilada recipe.

Ha- I misremembered :rofl:. The enchilada recipe I like is a Tyler Florence recipe. Here it is.

I like Alton Brown’s tomato pie iirc. (Maybe it was his fried chicken)

-Anyhow, Alton has not let me down.


I like his recipe for oven wings. I don’t remember making any other of his recipes.


I liked the show he did about lentils. I got some good ideas from that episode.

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Just saw his live show a few weeks ago, in which he marvels at the fact that people still keep trying his slow cooker lasagna. He’s pretty proud of the fact that that particular recipe is the lowest rated recipe on the Food Network site! The show was a hoot, and some lucky audience members got some wings he cooked in a crazy tumbling mega air fryer.

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He’s hilarious on Twitter.