Alternative risotto preparations?

I’ve always made risotto in the traditional way–pot with rice and aromatics, etc., another pot with heated broth to stir in incrementally. Takes about 18+ minutes with Arborio or kindred rice.

A niece of mine has asked me about making risotto, which reminds me that I’ve heard of preparations for risotto that involve leaving it in an oven or maybe a pressure cooker, hands-off. Anyone have experience with that and the relative qualities?

I’ve done both, I liked the PC better than the oven. You can do pot-in-pot (use less liquid to begin, finish in the main pot or another) or directly in the PC (more cleanup - starch will likely stick to the bottom of the pot during the pressure phase).

I didn’t use these recipes but have them saved from when I looked up the method:

(I do make polenta in the oven, though - it’s my favorite method.)