Alphonso's Red Bank

(David) #1

The bakery, with a popular location in Staten Island, had a soft opening yesterday. The short of it is, after suffering through a few years of Carlo’s, it’s great to finally have a real Italian bakery in town.

I spoke with the owner, seen here grabbing lots of loaves of really good bread out of the oven:

The entire crew is really welcoming:

The bread and cookies I tried were very good. I’m looking forward to their other food as well as they will be offering focaccia and sandwiches soon too. In the meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this pic to drool over:


I wish them lots of luck. I took my niece to Carlos’s once and we were all wildly disappointed. Dried out, tasteless pastry that was expensive.

(Junior) #3

I look forward to giving them a try, even though for a man 300± lbs I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth. We are in dire need of excellent bread and I wish YOU took some pic’s of something other than chocolate covered pretzels. I do like a biscotti with my espresso though…


Even though I’m NOT a man 300± lbs, I’m like you, JR–really don’t care about sweets. But good GOOD BISCOTTI are my jam! That’s what I kept thinking as I read Seal’s post… #greatminds


Also, not a 300ish guy but those loaves look FINE!

(Junior) #6

Why is everyone bringing up my weight? Feeling a little self conscious, you know it’s winter and it’s like 2 degree’s outside, maybe I’m just trying to keep warm and kill less geese? Did you ever consider that all you skinny geese killers!!??!!??! (joke)

(Jimmy ) #7

Sez everyone on this crazy mortal coil.

(David) #8

Little did I realize that when I innocently posted a few pics from Alphonso’s this morning the thread would be hijacked by haters and skinny geese killers :wink:

As I ate my mortadela, salami, and ham sandwich on half a loaf of that fine italian bread today I almost took another picture. Anyone want a quick snap of the garlic bread I am making to go with a salad for dinner tonight?

Oh, and I got a linzer tart too and had it this morning. I prefer a more crumbly cookie part, but the insane amount of jelly changed my mind about halfway through it. No pics of that either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Tom T) #9

Yeah, I’m stopping by later today. Wifey will likely kill me.

For the non-expat NYers Alfonsos was always a solid top tier Italian pastry shop. Not my family’s favorite but good for the “farmers from Staten Island” :smiley:

(Mr met) #10

Cake chef is prob best on si. Ironically his cakes are his weakest stuff. But agree Alphonso is def legit good stuff and def fills a void in the area for Italian bakeries as la Rossa isn’t really anything special. Closest for me is long branch or Middletown.

(Tom T) #11

With the food aspect it seems like they are trying to do the Royal Crown thing. If it’s close to their quality, it could be a real nice addition to Red Bank.

(Mr met) #12

Royal crown fried eggplant with fresh mozz roasted peepers oil and balsamic is pretty much heaven. Agreed would be amazing

(Tom T) #13

Didn’t see that kind of setup yet, but the focaccia was real solid. Had the regular tomato (bakery pizza) and a stuffed escarole and sausage. Sfogliatelle was real good too.

(David) #14

Nice pics @tomt

I want another linzer tart.

(Greg Caggiano) #15

I’m glad this place is not down the street from me. Bread has never helped my case. I may be 50 pounds lighter if not for carbs. I would need to be rolled around.

(Jimmy ) #16

I’m starting to like this thread more and more with every post.

(David) #17

Wife brought home an assortment of things including a mini apple pie, crumb cake, jelly donuts and more and there wasn’t a loser in the bunch. I can’t believe she didn’t get me another linzer tart but maybe next time.

(Tom T) #18

I will say this, the cannoli cream is on the sweet side. Almost too sweet for me. Further research needs to be conducted.

Trying baan khun for early dinner tonight, I’m sure we will stop in Alfonsos again after.

(David) #19

Great minds think alike. We did the same thing the other day. Love the laksa, but they have been keeping odd hours. And so great to have a short walk in the cold for Alphonso’s.

(Mr met) #20

sampled some stuff yesterday - Italian bread was really really good; made a great hero stuffed with Livotis eggplant parm. Also had a few assorted pastries and bit of Nutella donut- all top notch…so excited to have this spot in the area- was always at least 15 min for an Italian bakery previously…and for it to rise out of the ashes of the abomination of Carlos is even better…