Alphonso's Red Bank

I went yesterday and picked up a few different things, Italian bread (2 - $3.00) and some pastries. The bread is excellent…the pastries were mixed results, certainly nothing bad but for an example their cannoli was very good but they have small jelly squares in it(?). Never seen that in a cannoli, the linzar tart was excellent, the cream puff was “ok”, biscotti were good. They had a sample of their apple crumb pie that was delicious!

All in all it seems like a solid place for the bread alone!


If you like the tricolor aka rainbow cookies they do a good job there. Never really got bread in the Staten Island location butnthat could be bc of market saturation there; def a space ripe for picking in these parts. Think as far as pastry the traditional Italian stuff is where they shine, the butter cookies with the sprinkles are great there in my eyes

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They actually gave us 4 rainbow cookies but they aren’t really my favorite so nobody has tried them yet, I’m waiting for my daughter to come home she likes them.

What are they charging per lb. for cookies?

Didn’t get any cookies so I couldn’t tell you.

Linzer tart isnt a cookie? Thanks anyway I’ll call ahead.

Honestly I considered it a pastry vs a cookie but you might be right, I just didn’t pay attention sorry.
2 loaves of bread
3 mini cannoli
2 eclairs
2 cream puffs
2 linzar tarts
4 biscottis
1 oatmeal raisin cookie ($2.50 ea I remember seeing)

$27.00 total


Thats list is very helpful, thxs.

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Don’t know why I remember, but 16.80 for “fancy” cookies as my family called them growing up. Not sure what the biscotti price is. Something like 34/lb for the pignoli cookies.

Sounds expensive, but cookies were always pricey, even in Brooklyn back in the day.

You mean citron, as in candied fruit? That’s a normal addition. Weird, I’ve had 2 cannoli and 2 mini cannoli and haven’t had any in mine.

My first thought was candies fruit / cherries but they were a light green and cubes, not sure what they were. At least two of the mini cannolis had them, at first I didn’t notice someone else pointed it out and then I realized it was in mine too: I assumed the texture was chocolate chips.

Yep, usually green and red and yellow are the colors of the citrin. Lol, maybe I missed them and thought they were chocolate chips.


If you get a cannoli in most spots in Manhattan, they will at least use impastata, which is a higher fat, low moisture version of ricotta, and candied citron.

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I don’t really like cannoli, but I have now tried a lot of the cookies and pastries from Alphonso’s and I have the expanded waistline to prove it!

I may try the focaccia this weekend.


Hit them up again. Got a ton of cookies, happy to say rainbow cookie was on point. Had some pastry too. Nutella donut is a winner as is my new fav the tri color donut, basically a giant rainbow cookie donut…as good as it sounds. And an excellent loaf of Italian bread to go with tonight’s spaghetti with Lemon and butter. 1.5 lbs cookies, 4 pastry and the bread was 36 bucks. Cookies are 16.80 a pound. Also tried bacon cheddar bread they put out hot just as I was paying…another winner.


We stopped in after dinner on Saturday for a cookie and a cannoli. My husband didn’t like the cookie (Oatmeal Raisin too hard, too spiced) but I though the cannoli was tasty and the shell actually had flavor which is often overlooked.

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yeah- I’d def stick to traditional Italian stuff here. That’s their wheelhouse…


although the nutella and tri-color donuts are legit great.

Pretty impressive pastry selection. Was hoping for more savory items. A lot to take in. Sampled cigar pastry, good flavor.


visited again- not cheap- but man is it good…
Bread is the new tops for me in the vicinity. Tri color cookies and the trick color donut are great. Had a St Joseph’s custard pasty that was legit the other day too…
So happy this is here…until my next Dr visit.