Almost Home, Lincroft

Just had a phenomenal lunch at the former Sunnyside Market in Lincroft.

The new spot is called Almost Home General. Seriously this place is genuinely stepping the game up in the breakfast/lunch category.

For starters, it’s a beautiful establishment. Looks like everything was ripped to the studs and redone—the effort shows.

Equally matched is the food. I honestly wasn’t expecting this level. Everything is locally sourced when possible and made in-house, including the bread for the sandwiches.

My wife, mother-in-law, and I got the meatloaf sandwich, hot biscuit sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, and a side of cheddar grits.

The star of the show was the fried chicken sandwich. Buttermilk chicken thigh, homemade ranch, and hot honey with a side of polenta fries. It’s massive and easily sharable. The hot biscuit’s sausage was freshly ground made in-house, probably the best sausage pattie I ever had. The meatloaf had a great taste; I just wish there was more meat. And the cheddar grits were gone before I could take a picture.

Once again, nothing in the area comes close. The owner is a Rumson native, so I always like supporting a local, especially when it’s this good. It’s safe to say I will be back.


This post is gonna compel me take the 30 min ride and check it out. Thx!

Agreed. This looks amazing

They are only open till 4pm now but the owner said he wants to special dinner nights kinda like how they do it at Big Mike’s Little Red Store which I also love.

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Nice contribution and report! Is this the place that use to be a deli and convenience store at the blinking light?


Yes used to be Sunnyside deli. Was always my pre round stop back when Bamm Hollow was still there. He got a nice write up in Two River Times as well


Despite having owned a sandwich shop I’m not usually a fan of sandwiches but those look great. Will definitely be making a trip up there. Thanks for sharing.


Those polenta fries look worth the trip alone. Love those and they look real tasty.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold