Almost Home, Lincroft

10-10 babeeeee!

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Women’s team is the team this year. Maddie is a generational player.

That being said of the men play the best players more they would win more.


Arcidiaco…no. Just no.


Uh wow!!!

Let’s go Nova !! :basketball:


After I was disqualified for my alpaca race for being 150lbs over the required jockey weight, I headed across the street for lunch at Almost Home. (see Oak Hill Farm Thread for backstory)

My first time here since it was the Sunnyside Deli (fyi the blinking light is gone at the intersection??) and it was a pleasant surprise. Menu is very unique with an entire menu for their drink/coffee/tea menu. (No alcohol)

I had the PEC on brioche bun, side of hash and side salad. (I think they serve the salad as a side on all dishes) The PEC was excellent as well as the hash and very simple but good salad.

All 5 of us enjoyed and I would certainly go back, especially since it’s 10 mins from me so I’m literally Almost Home when I go there!

Due to section 12 of the Foodie-HIPA rules I cannot disclose who my company was, but they are free to identify themselves!

Check it out pretty cool place.



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And for the record, I concur-really cute spot with a interesting menu! I had a Charito chopper, which was a chorizo patty with a fried duck egg, avocado spread on the (benchmark!) Bread, and that delicious side salad. I’m still full and I’ll definitely be back.

And the company was stellar! Except for those damn alpacas… Could not get them to behave. Is there a No Alpaca policy we can put in place?


I too will out myself. It’s been too long since I’ve had the pleasure of breaking bread with @NotJrvedivici and Mrs @NotJrvedivici. It was lovely to be able to get together.

Almost Home is adorable. And the food was delicious. I had Naughty Eggs - 2 poached eggs atop vegan chorizo, hummus and grilled Benchmark sourdough bread. All drizzled with their homemade chili oil. Served with the salad mentioned above. The waitperson warned me that the chili oil was hot but I didn’t find it particularly so. The house blend coffee was delicious.

This place is definitely worth the ride.


That looks great! My wife says she only misses chorizo after stopping eating meat. I’m going to have to take her up that way soon.


It was really good. I’m sure your wife would enjoy it.

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I too was at this lunch. I cannot tell a lie. I also concur with my fellow diners, this place is very cute and very delicious. I had the carnitas yummmmmmmm. Great time. Nice seeing the gang!!


Went back to Almost Home General for lunch today (after a visit to Oak Hill Farms to check on the Alpacas, goats, and chickens)…they’re 2 for 2 in my book. We both ended up ordering the Carnitas (pictured above on @gracieggg’s post - yum. And then we split a gluten free PB and chocolate chip cookie that was FABULOUS (because PB cookies don’t need flour, that’s why). Definitely a new favorite spot for me!

Now someone tell me - how do you get the chickens to get on the swing? I clucked, I cajoled, but no luck.

Also, this peacock is THE best example of ‘dance like nobody’s watching,’ because…nobody was watching. He kept strutting around and showing off those feathers, though - to the wall of the chicken coop. :rofl: :rofl:


You had me at gluten free cookies

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I met up with a “swinging chicken” on a trip to Vegas one time. It was a lot of fun until her husband wanted to join in, gosh he was such a c*ck.


And I declared that Swinging Chickens would be a great band name… :rofl:

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