Almost completely worthless food tidbits you learned the hard way

No judgement.

No shame.

Just dish!

Twinkies will not flambé no matter how much alcohol is poured over them.

They may hold the record for the most fireproof snack food.


Normal-proof (40 ish) alcohol needs to be heated before it will ignite. High proof like 151 rum might work at room temp.

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Ah…I had left the project (Twinkies and Chambord) in the hands of the chef (not fine dining)…The joke was pretty anticlimactic.

I still believe Twinkies are fireproof though!


Which is why Twinkies are great for deep-fried.


I think my on the road (ie) years covers a gamut of learned the hardway. When I retired, I made sure the next pups on the bus didnt waste time. Never over pack food, its far more interesting to make pitstops along the way than pack your vehicle full of meals.

Only buy what you plan to use. Even a great deal isnt worth food waste.

You dont need to eat a ton of protein to build a strong core.

I guess my tidbits work in reverse, Im a learn from your mistakes kinda guy.


You can’t make rice krispy treats with old, stale marshmallows. They won’t melt and blend, no matter how hot you get the butter or coconut oil.

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That is odd - I wonder why? Maybe that’s what they use for the filling in Twinkies?!

Poutine is either very, very good. Or, awful.

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The bees wont sting you…while at a bee farm😁

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Who told you that?

The host of the workshop and tour. Wishful thinking is not advice👎

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