Almond Oil

Found this at Grocery Outlet for $7,99.
I can’t resist a bargain.
How do I use it?

Like walnut oil, would be my thought… I.e., salad/similar dressing, in an almond-based cake, or if you’ll pardon the much-abused term, as a “finishing oil” (though I rarely see much difference between that and some sort of “dressing”.) I never really got into the whole dipping-bread-in-olive-oil Thing in a big way, but if it’s strongly enough flavored, it might be an interesting twist on that…

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Def salad dressing; both greens and fruit… I have also used it to fry up french toast, splashed on fried or stir fried chicken once cooked, dressed on cold pasta salad and it works really well as a dry skin healer.