All things brown butter - Uses and Brown butter solids

Anyone ever try this technique?

I’ve read Jeni’s uses this approach for the brown butter ice cream. I attempted brown butter ice cream last week and despite emulsifying the butter made for an awful mouthfeel so thought just adding solids would be the solution.

Also any favorite uses for brown butter?

I haven’t tried adding dry milk powder, but I have strained off the fat from the solids and used each separately (the fat is basically ghee, just a little more cooked than usual!). The solids alone provide lots of flavor, and I think they’d be perfect in your ice cream. I have added them to cookie dough and tart crusts, and also stirred them into softened butter to make browned-butter compound butter.


Perfect! I guess I’ll experiment with how much to add per batch.

These brown butter CCCs are terrific! I don’t normally care for nuts in the cookies but grinding them quite fine is great…adds a little something but you aren’t biting into a nut.

I’ve actually discovered that certain brands of vegan butter will brown (!!) and it’s just a great flavor to use dribbled on about anything from kinda boring steamed veggies to popcorn to baked goods.
It’s very popular on menus to serve with mild fish or scallops

Brown butter sauce with capers is a classic sauce for white fish. In the UK often as an accompaniment to skate.

Salted brown butter Rice Krispie treats from SK.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
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