All Clad VIP Factory Seconds Sale is on!

I just got an email this morning that they are having another great sale. I’ve purchased a couple of seconds in previous sales, and have been very happy with the quality. No blemish has affected the usability of the cookware. And in fact, some blemishes were impossible for me to find!

The code to enter the site is: ACVIP15.

I just bought 8" and 10" non-stick frying pans, which are induction ready. My previous pans don’t work on induction.

Happy shopping!


Thanks for the link!

Thanks for the link. I bit and got a saucier which I have never had but Kenji in The Food Lab (which I cracked open yesterday) says it is a necessity. Nice feature of the site is that you can check out through your Amazon account.

That was one of my previous purchases. It’s my favorite pot!

really?? how have I done without it all these years? what do you use it for?

I use it for everything…I really love the fact that there are no “corners” that you have to stir food out of. Making caramel, poaching eggs, melting chocolate, reheating anything. It’s just such a comfortable pan to use. It seems very ergonomic to me.

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Thanks Heidi. I’ve been eyeing those sauciers for a while now. I bit.

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Thanks Heidi. I’ve been eyeing those sauciers for a while now. I bit.

Let me know what you think when you try it. I’m sure you will love it!

Thanks muchly for the heads-up! I took the plunge on the 11" non-stick low casserole and the 10" non-stick brunch pan, the former being akin to a saucier and the latter, a frying pan. The larger pan will replace a worn-out Circulon non-stick saucier whose ridged surface was always, IMO, a concept bound to fail. But I love the versatility of a large saucier, which can, in a pinch, serve as frying pan, stock/soup pot, or Dutch oven. It’s my desert island pan.

Both look great. Happy cooking with them!

I just got my new 8" and 10" non stick frying pans and I can’t find any blemish on them. That was fast shipping and I can’t wait to test them out!

Well, dang it. I ordered a non-stick low casserole, which I believe the listing (no longer accessible on the site) also said had a 4qt capacity. I received this: which has a stainless interior and a much smaller capacity.
I e-mailed them about it. The apologetic response was that the item description was wrong, but I could return it for a refund if I wanted to. I replied that I did, and since I have no printer, asked them to send me a mailing label. They then wrote that they were crediting my card with the full refund and that I needn’t return the $75 pan. That’s nice of them, but it’s not a pan I need. Maybe I’ll donate it to charity. Good thing I didn’t toss the Circulon saucier already.

I hope everyone else who ordered got the right pieces and like them.

Well it is never fun to not get what you get all excited about. But a free pan is always good, sounds like they did what they could to make it right.

But - I have to say, I have that pan and I LOVE it. I use it all the time and it is cute enough to go to the table (mine has a lid too). I’ve roast veggies in it, roast a few chicken breasts in it, done paella for 2 in it, did my out of bird stuffing in it before … I really do love it.

Well the fact that you didn’t get the pan you wanted really stinks! I know that I really research and think about what I want/need before hitting the buy button.

It’s funny about their fulfillment. I ordered my two pieces, and literally got them three days later. And last week, I got a notification email saying that my items were going to be shipped, but I already received them!

I got the pans I thought I was ordering, and I’m already using them. They look great and cook great. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t as stellar, grey.

It looks like there is another sale on Dec 8.

They haven’t posted a Pass code yet.

I ordered this, and when it arrived, checked the surfaces for smudges, scratches, etc, which is what I typically find on seconds, if anything noteworthy.

Turns out that the visual defect was a really pronounced leaning out of one whole long side that no one noticed at the table. I paid only $54 for it, and it was worth it, but it’s definitely the largest, most apparent defect I’ve gotten from All Clad seconds sales.

It IS a useful size - but as I already have the equivalent pan in Calphalon One, I don’t need the All-Clad. The Circulon saucier is a great shape/size, though after the first use - MANY years back - I’d have consigned the creator of Circulon to the loony bin. I was right to be skeptical of the idea that applying the nonstick coating in tiny, concentric rings would work. That surface was quickly ruined. But at the time - and still - the only other nonstick sauciers I could find were extremely pricey.

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