All Clad seconds sale

Hi bmorecupcake,

All Clad had their most recent warehouse events around Thanksgiving and Christmas. You should get notified from the newsletter, but I’ll try to post the next one when I hear about it.


Got the announcement this morning, the next All-Clad factory sale starts on the 23rd, @9am est.

If you want to receive notification and a passcode, go to



That site requires you to enter a passcode in order to go further, but does not seem to tell you how to get one. What am I missing?

Hi fooddabbler,

On or about the day, they send out the passcode–or you could contact them from contacts at the site.


If you get a passcode through the contacts, please report back. I’d like to be able to look at the inventory before making a rush decision, especially since all sales are final.

Hi bmorecupcake,

The passcode won’t be distributed until the day of the sale. If it’s not sent to you, call:


And they’ll give you the code.


I emailed asking for a passcode. If I get one early, I’ll post it, but Ray (who seems to know his stuff) says it will only be given out on the day of.

(I seem to remember another site from which I’d bought decent all-clad seconds year-round without passcodes, etc. Does anyone have links to it?)

Hi fooddabbler,

I called them up–and that’s what they said.


Sale is going on right now. Too many choices!!

Looks interesting, bmorecupcake,

Let us know if you buy anything.


Odd-sized measuring cups (2/3, 3/4 and 1.5 cup sizes). I hope I can use these on the stove, too.

About to order a 3 qt sauce pan, most pressing need for me. However, there is a dizzying array of choices. There are two designs, one with a long handle and less surface area, and another shallower style with a shorter handle. At least that’s what it seems like. Then there’s stainless and copper core which I understand. Beyond that, it’s confusing. Is D5 still good for a gas stove (it’s specifically designed for induction)? (And D5 is dishwasher safe!?!) MC2 is cheaper, but not induction compatible. Then the TK line has D5 technology, but custom metals. Which metals exactly, I couldn’t figure out. I got another day to figure it out.

Also, some items are not “true” All-Clad, meaning there aren’t made in the USA. The asparagus steamer and pasta pot are two of those. I need those, so will probably purchase those anyway next time they are in stock. (The tea kettle is especially gorgeous.)

Decisions, decisions.


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[quote=“fooddabbler, post:7, topic:8094”]
I seem to remember another site from which I’d bought decent all-clad seconds year-round without passcodes, etc. Does anyone have links to it?[/quote]
There may be others, but this is the only one I know of:
All Clad Irregulars

I’ve never bought anything from them. I only use them for checking the “value” of the pieces I find at Marshall’s & TJ Maxx.

Yes, that was it. Thanks.

Seconds sale going on now:

They are back.
Use ACSPRING to enter.

Some example items:
12-In. Fry Pan / Copper Core
4-Qt. Saute Pan w/Lid / Copper Core
12-In. Fry Pan / BD5

A bunch of other items are listed.

I purchased the 2 qt. copper core saucier in a previous sale–the featured item. It’s one of my favorite pans.


This one?

Looks like they are out this time. What do you like most about this saucier?

Evenness, rapid response, handle, design–easy cleanup.

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