All-Clad factory sale 3/14-3/16 9a.m. ET

To access the online sale, use the promo code ACSPRING16 .

Do you have a link to the website? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!


YMMV on the deals (i.e., you may be able to find things for less elsewhere).

Ok added on again.Good prices on All Clad . The Copper core and MC2 are pretty good but I went in a different direction with most my cookware. I can’t seem to help myself with the discontinued All Clad bake ware though. I have the out of stock sqr and rectangular baker and had to get the 9 inch round one. The SS bakeware are unique and built, I love um.

What do you bake in these and how do they perform? Any issues with pan prep (i.e., lots of butter)?

Some of the Copper Core prices are examples of YMMV – I paid less for my saute pan and 3 qt saucepan, first quality, last year via CnM.

Hey Gooster,Sorry for late reply.

I haven’t used them for anything fancy yet. I use them like a Pyrex dish. Haven’t baked that much in them but did a quick box brownie mix they did fine. I know Stainless Bakeware might stick a bit but I don’t feel bad about cooking with good amount of Ghee, but won’t gob on the straight butter. I have done tuna casserole and your basic quick oven fish and chicken and reheating leftovers.

They are good handy sizes and will not warp at all.

Just ordered the 4 quart copper clad braiser. I really need it for my corned beef and cabbage dinner. I can’t wait to get it!

Agreed. I always lusted after that bakeware, but never bought any.

@heidicooksandbakes, @PST Nice! I saw the braisers and wondered about those. I was also looking at the small casseroles/gratins. I was wondering about those bakers, but am more interested in the baking sheets and jelly rolls they used to make. But I’ve been trying to exercise restraint.

The jelly rolls were what I was after too.

Hi Randy!

Unlike most of my purchases I just kind of impulse bought this one.(terrible I know) Made the move on the only bakeware they had left,the 9 inch round baker to match my oft used retangular and A-C triply sqr bakers.

Anybody know if I can use this for anything else than cake?

Hi Heidi,

There are so many All Clad models I get confused sometimes but I did like a 8 qt 11 inch diameter low stockpot. I forget if it was A-C Copper Core or MC2, but I know it was out of stock I can’t get back in the site now to check the model.

Did you or anyone else see the model that I was talking about?

There’s no reason you couldn’t use it for all kinds of baking and roasting.