All Clad Enamel cast iron

Haven’t seen these before, anyone who has bought one yet ?

All Clad enamel cast iron pans.


Designed in the US, made in China - WoW, All Clad really know where they have to make their pans to get the best quality possible, just like Apple LOL

I’m selling all my Staub and Le Creuset ECI to buy All Clad ECI, that’s for sure LOL

I thought I have seen All Clad enameled cookware before, but maybe I mixed it up? Anyway, most of non-stainless steel All Clad cookware are made in China. No surprise there. These are not All Clad factories in China. These are simply made by (operated by and owned by) a Chinese factory and then they put an All-Clad sticker on them.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess. Staub makes magnetic wood trivets. I have a couple.

Eta: and the all-clad has stainless lids, too! Not even ECI. I have some demeyere glass lids that fit all my centimeter/delineated pans, if I wanted not to use the Staub cast-iron ones. But at least they come with cast iron lids.

Groupe S.E.B., which owns all-clad, doesn’t seem to own a brand that produces cast-iron cookware, so they had noting they could re-brand on the U.S., I guess.

Being made in another location doesn’t automatically discredit quality. It is possible to have high-quality wares manufactured in China. Look at Bell Helmets and all of the Calphalon 3-ply cookware. I think the key (from my Manufacturing Engineering experience) is sufficient company oversight. You can’t simply contract with a factory – Chinese or other – and trust they’re going to do things the way you expect or desire.

Of course, that’s not what I would want when plunking down the extra cash to buy All-Clad. I buy it (partly) because it’s “Made in America,” and carries the implication/expectation of higher quality.

The connotation here is that “Chinese = bad,” but what about other locations? All-Clad’s FusionTec line is made in Germany. Should I discount All-Clad wares made in Germany because they’re not made in the US? Of course, you’ll probably say, “But, German quality is excellent!” And, in many cases, it is. But not universally. Just like not all Made in America goods are high quality. Just like not all made in China goods are poor quality. It depends on the company overseeing the production.

The unfortunate reality is that almost every industry now scours the globe for the lowest manufacturing costs. A frustrating example for me was when trying to buy Danish socks. (My daughter loves unique socks, so I thought this would be a great travel gift.) My current job is headquartered in Herning, DK, which was the center of Danish textile manufacturing during the early 20th Century. But, just like many other industries, Danish-made textiles are now almost non-existant. Yes, I could find Danish brands, but they’re “Designed in Denmark, Made in ________” and there are almost no locally-made products from the one-time leading location of Danish textiles.

So, I think it really comes down to:
Do you trust All-Clad?


Well said. I recall a heated debate on CH (and other fora) regarding MIC products and really many products not made in the USA, Canada, or western Europe. Many expressed concerns over metallurgical standards and workplace and environmental standards in non-western manufacturing locations. Someone also noted that virtually all production in any country is taxed, and those taxes support whatever that country does. I have had some excellent MIC products. I am probably keying these thoughts on one now. I try to buy USA to support my country and its workers when the MIUSA product is known to be high quality, exactly what I want, and not ridiculously overpriced (yes, I’ll pay a premium, an even greater one for small businesses and craftspersons). I also buy Canadian because they are so nice. However, I cannot imagine seeking these products out. I am not nuts about ECI, and there are plenty of other options out there if I ever change my mind.

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I have a couple of Fusion tec pieces sitting in boxes. I assume they’re made by WMF. Both All-Clad and WMF are owned by groupe SEB, after all. I think it’s a dud here. They’re off-loading it and never expanded the line to the number of pieces in WMF’s.

US Textile manufacturing is similarly nonexistent these days. Kannopolis, NC used to be the home of Cannon mills; the mill is closed. At least as far as sheets and towels are concerned, I can’t think of any that are woven in the US anymore.


I just got some lovely hand-dyed yarn from Canada (and no, I don’t eat it, only the moths do) :upside_down_face:

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My two favorite clothing stores seem to turn to Canada for sport jackets, suits, and outerwear when, one by one, venerable USA brands expire. It is getting harder and harder to dress the same way I did in 1960.

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Where’s bleeding madras when you want it?

For me it’s at the Original Madras Trading Company. Their shirts are loose fitting. With the sleeves rolled up, untucked, they are cooler than T shirts, a big deal right now. Staying on topic, the thought of making anything involving ECI right now is unpleasant. I am thinking it 's time for a pitcher of cold gazpacho for dinner, or maybe cold avocado soup. I think I’ll also make a big bowl of Lydia’s fennel, celery, onion, salami, cheese salad with citronette and graze on it from the fridge.

Are Nehru collars coming back? Oh boyyyyyy!

Big yawn.

Since AC can’t move forward, and moving laterally has played out, they might as well move backward. It’s the crumbs and leavings from the established CI makers they’re after.

But with thin steel lids and dark interiors… I have no idea what they were thinking (maybe the dark interiors will hide various issues with the enamel).

Maybe because some dark enamel “seasons” better.

I was joking a bit.
Of course China can make top quality products, if they will and have the proper budget for it.

One example is Apple products, another one Volvo cars.

I still use iPhone, so I’m not perfect - but I do my best within reason.

China seems to be a country, where the term ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ is taken very seriously. If you take a look at many chinese ghost citites, you can also see actual proof of how badly they build their own skyscrapers - building after building is starting to flake and crack.
Just last week a large piece of a chinese made skyscraper came apart and fell 20 floors down and killed a couple of Chinese people. I have a friend, who has been living in China for a decade, the stories he can tell me about abandoned cities, so called ghost cities with skyscapers, that just 4-5 years after being built are starting to crack.

I avoid chinese made products the best I can, because I don’t support the political system in China and the best way a consumer can put this to effect is to speak with the wallet.

I also try to boycotte russian made products - same reason as why I boycotte Chinese made products - I don’t support their political system nor their leaders.

Regarding clothing - almost everyhting, unless taylor made, is now being made in east asia or india/pakistan - even the high end brands do this.

And no, I don’t really trust All-Clad.
As a high end brand, they should at least have their ECI line made in the US in my view.

No matter what I think of, 95% of all the stuff I buy that are made and designed in Europe seem to be of at least the same or more often of better quality than the stuff made in Asia (Japan and South Korea being the exception here) for what ever reason. That’s just my personal experience.

And no’ I’ll never want to own a Chinese made knife, if I can avoid it.
I know the Chinese are becoming quite good at making Japanese clone knives using japanese type steel, but I’ll never want a chinese made knife in my kitchen, that’s for sure.

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Hah. Had a few in the warehouse when the family business closed down … around 40 years ago.

SNS Herning still make their products locally it seems. I have 2 items from them, a sweater and a blanket, and it’s all very high quality.

I have also bought 2 items from the Danish bag company Mismo - their products are made in Turkey but apparently under strict supervision. These are high quality as well, you could have sworn they were made in Italy.

And, Madras shirts and nehru collared shirts are still available at the English clothing label Drake’s. Their clothes are made in the UK, Portugal or Italy.


Ah, Chinese knives…

Ever wonder if @drrayeye is secretly monitoring us still?


I looked at SNS’s stuff on my last trip over. The Herning Textile Museum carries a few items from the line in their gift shop. Unfortunately, they don’t make any socks, and my daughter wouldn’t be interested in their style of outerwear.

On a prior trip (before the holidays) I did get her a pair of Glerups house shoes. She gave them such high praise that I picked myself up a pair on my last trip. They really are phenomenal.

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