All Clad Class Action Lawsuit


If you purchased All-Clad D3, D5, or LTD Cookware during the period from January 1, 2015 to July 29, 2022, you could get benefits from a class action settlement.

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It’s apparently about lack of sealed rims and the inevitable aluminum erosion that happens in DWs.


So is it worth buying D 5 now at discounted prices if you only plan on hand washing?

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If you like d5, yes.

The DW erosion problem isn’t a big deal, IMO. If you use a DW with exposed clad rims, be an adult: Feel for sharp edges. If you find some have been exposed, carefully blunt them with an emery cloth sanding block. Carry on.


And here I always thought any class action lawsuit against them would have been for their original handles.


I’d say yes if you otherwise like the pan. Someone here mentioned the suit to me a while back. I’m not worried about it because I always hand wash and dry, and don’t let them sit submerged. (FWIW, I never trust any pan, even supposedly “dishwasher safe”, in the dishwasher.)

How good is the pricing now, and where are you seeing it? I just checked Cutlery&More and Amazon and both are claiming sales (esp. on d5 sets) but from memory, these seem pretty similar to their usual “sales” or “price drop” claims.

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Not really seeing such deals it’s more of wanting to get a few pieces while there is still inventory.
I need a couple of saucepans and since copper prices are very high for Matfer Bourgeat I figure I’d get the D 5.
Although… I happened to stumble on Hestan. Wow! They look nice. Pricey for sure so now it’s got me rethinking.

If your stumble was over Hestan Nanobond, it’s not very thick–thinner than in their Thermoclad which was exclusive to Williams-Sonoma.

As my settlement in the class action lawsuit, I received today voucher codes for 35% off future All-Clad purchases from their website . The codes have a max value of $262.50.

The codes are good through 3/19/25. I have lots of time to shop.

Did anyone else file a claim?


" This credit will be valid until March 19, 2025 , and will only work on purchase totals equal to or less than $750, excluding tax. The Future Purchase Credit is transferrable and can be combined with other offers on All-Clad’s website (such as sales or other price reductions) but may not be combined with another Future Purchase Credit issued under this Settlement Agreement or other promotional code. The Future Purchase Credit can only be applied to one order and cannot be split across multiple orders."

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I received 4 codes. :grin:

Can’t think of anything off hand I need at the moment, but I have a lot of time to change my mind.

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