Alison Cook's Top 100 for 2017 - Houston

I have been to 7 of the top 30. I’ve had plans to go to Rainbow Lodge 3 times with friends and had to call it off each time. I think I deserve partial credit :innocent:.

I’ve been to 26 of the rest. Really disagree that Afandim made it and not Uyghur Bistro. Note LO: Pierogi Queen is still on the list! Very happy to see the Original Kolache Shop on the list. I’ve been touting that place for several years (but haven’t been in several - it’s a long way over there and they have limited hours and limited product availability toward closing time).

Is this as mean-spirited as I think it is?

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I’m sure it is.

One thing I find repeatedly confounding is the slavish devotion to all things Hugo Ortega. I have been to his other two restaurants, and would not choose to go back there to spend money. And lots of it. If you go to the fb page for his new restaurant, the comments from diners are not favorable. I doubt I’ll be trying Xochi.

I think I left a comment here on my one experience at Pierogi queen too. It was pretty darn awful. Could it be that Alison Cook is recognized and treated differently? I myself have met her and would recognize her in all likelihood.

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I figured out a long time ago I have very different taste buds than Alison so I seldom feel the urge to head out to a place based on her recommendations. She does go to a lot of higher end places, much more than I do.

I hadn’t looked at Xochi’s facebook, thanks. I have been thinking about trying that one since there have been a lot of raves.