Aldi Yay/Nay-Fall 2018

Was perusing the frozen section and came across the strudels.
Some were savory and others were sweet. Went with the Fresh Fruit of the Forest and the Apple.
The FFotF were raspberry, blackberry, currants and apple. It was pretty good. Flaky crust, not too sweet and the fillings were identifiable. Will try the apple another time.

YAY - Hatch Chili Cheddar, seasonal item, out of stock in most stores

NAY - St. Mang Bavarian Made Soft-Ripened Cheese studded with Mild Green Peppercorns, seasonal item from Germany. The floral flavor of the green peppercorns didn’t bother me. The cheese was just not good quality.

YAY - Specially Selected Premium Meusli, but only the Simply Nutty flavor. Still a bit sweet for meusli, but every few days it’s nice to have a change of pace from my everyday meusli. (Is there a good meusli cookbook out there?) They had a meusli last year I really liked, but I haven’t seen it again.

I was curious about the Bavarian cheese, thanks for reporting.

I saw single origin Moser Roth chocolate in the aisle with the special purchases. Three countries each with a different % cocoa. Dominican Republic was the highest at 75%. Haven’t tried it yet!

Edit: It’s Fair Trade and $1.99 iirc.

Noticed chocolate Twinkies in the same aisle. Who knew?

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I was already deep in the check out line when I noticed kringles labeled “Racine” at another registers end cap. Wasn’t able to investigate but they looked to be smaller and shaped differently than the ones TJ’s sells.

I have not yet seen the Mason Roth at either of my local Aldis. I hope it makes it way here soon. I regularly stock their standard 70%.

YAY - Artisan Crackers on the seasonal new shelf. There are two varieties: plain and rosemary. Previously, we didn’t care for the rosemary, but this year we are loving the rosemary, too. They are fresh right now. After a few weeks, even though packaged, they won’t be as good. Pretty much this same cracker is available at Whole Foods year round for double the price. And it’s usually not this fresh at Whole Foods, either.

YAY - Unbleached All Purpose Flour. Seasonal Item. The regular Aldi A/P flour is bleached.

I saw two Russian-speaking women load up their carts with this. Funny.


I think I will make a trip to the only Aldi in Nyc while they have their holiday stock.

TJ replaced their side of wild sockeye salmon with a heavily spiced version… just as I have started experimenting with cured salmon :roll_eyes:

Anyone seen the (plain) ones at Aldi recently?

I haven’t seen any wild salmon there in months :frowning:

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I tried a mango with hot pepper cheese recently that made a nice choice for grilled cheese. Their pure vanilla extract is a good value compared to other grocers especially holiday baking season. I just noticed Aldi started carrying vanilla and chocolate protein powders.

I’m sipping hot cider! Fresh cider in the refrigerated section - $2.99 iirc. Very good!

Yay for the amarena cherries in syrup, which were a special buy over the summer. Imported from Italy and great in cocktails. Wish I’d bought more.

Yay for the gf pretzels - they are the most “pretzely” of those my celiac friend has tried. We gluten eaters like them, too.

They’re in the nyc stores right now…

Thanks, I will look again!

My bad. They’re at Trader Joe’s.

Also works. Thx!

I’ve made museli a few times, it keeps forever. Last time i used quinoa flakes as well as oats which was a nice combo. Bon app has a great “formula” style recipe to use what you like or have on hand. I like adding some fresh chopped apple when eating it

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A big YAY to the Benton’s peanut butter cookies they carry. We go through them by the box at my house. Too addictive to stop.

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Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this, a Meusli calculator. My favorite local brand cheats and toasts the oats as well as sweetens with maple syrup, so it’s more like a granola in my book. Otherwise they are a great company (Michele’s Granola) and I would support them.

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