Aldi Yay/Nay-Fall 2018


Toasting the oats sounds tasty, but un-museli like. Could be fun to play around with combos to DIY your ideal museli :)) i was making it for a while last summer and would add in chia seeds too so after soaking a bit it was thicker like a porridge

(ChristinaM) #22

Yay to this fruity California rosé Around $5.

(ChristinaM) #23

The Nature’s Nectar honeycrisp apple cider - shelf stable - is very good


Seasonal, but yay to the wax-covered cheese rounds , the cheddar with caramelized onion specifically. Doesn’t have the caramelized onion bits like the Trader Joe’s offering, but good flavor nevertheless. $2.50 for 3oz I believe,.


I had the chive and onion one today and thought it was good, too. The caramelized onion one is sitting in the fridge for tomorrow. I don’t like the caramelized onion cheese at TJ’s. Hope I like this one better.

(ChristinaM) #26

Nay for the Sunshine Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - there is a strange off flavor/smell - maybe the winemaking flaw that smells like hemp?

Nay also for the Clancy’s everything pretzel crisos. Way too strong of a toasted onion flavor.