Aldi deals - yea/nay/meh 2019

A new thread for a new year!

Found a hot deal? Tried a new product? What will you buy again? What didn’t wow you?
The HO hive mind wants to know!

Please mention your area - some products may be regional.

There are still some good closeouts on seasonal items from the holiday season. I snagged the last Maple View Roast duck half which was marked down to $6.29. They have had a frozen seared tuna which a fellow shopper was raving about. The tuna has been discounted from $8 to $5.24 so I purchased one to try tomorrow. Speculoos cookies were marked down low but were gone when I went back for more. Halo’s have been delicious and are $2.69 this week.

Edit: Duh…can’t even follow my own request! I shop in Raleigh, NC!

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I have to try the duck now that I’m back… saw it when I did a pre-travel shop in Dec but didn’t want to stockpile. Though I did get a bunch of interesting wax-covered cheeses and truffle and champagne cheddars that I have yet to break into.

I’m still concerned about their food safety at the nyc store, but winter seems a good time to try things that I wouldn’t want if they were left sitting out any other time…

Tyler, TX - Other than the avocados all new buys:

Avocados - .39 each (yea, ripened well, no dark spots)
Sour cream - 16 oz.- .89 (yea)
Half & Half - 1 qt. -$1.55 (yea, good deal)
6 ct English muffins - .99 (yea, good flavor/texture)
Frozen onion rings- $1.99 (nay, fried up nice and crispy but still your standard everyday FOR. You’d think I’d learn by now.)
Hot Italian sausage - $2.49 lb.(yea, spicier kick than most. Definitely buy again)
Borgonzola - $3.49 - (nay, kind of a cross between Brie and blue cheese with very little BC flavor).
Fudge mint cookies - .95( meh, but they are minty)

That’s it until the next trip😊


HOuston, Texas - Corned Beef Points - $1.99/lb


Not a deals, but a deal gripe: Every time I find a great frozen grain/vegetable dish that is suitable for a small meal, the next time I know it’s not there anymore. We’ve liked Specially Selected Mushrm Truffle Ravioli, Season’s Choice Wheatberry Blend with Curry, and Season’s Choice Harvest Blend
Potatoes with Green Beans, only to have them vanish, presumably never to be seen again.

My location has two areas with frozen foods. The larger area along the wall has the most and these selections stay pretty consistent. The smaller freestanding freezer has “specials”. I have found that many of these reappear on a yearly basis. Now I purchase a new-to-me item from the small bin and try it that day. Then I can return and get more before they run out.


You did good! I checked in Raleigh, NC today but they were priced $3.99/lb. :disappointed:

I get to Aldi at most once a week, so even doing this is more time than I want to spend. Plus, this may work for someone with a full-size freezer, but we have a side-by-side with a freezer compartment only 11" wide. (Our friend in Vermont had a solution, at least in the winter: he would bury the excess stuff he wanted to freeze in the snow drifts outside his house!)

I will keep looking for the stuff I like to return next year, though.

There was a meusli last year I liked that didn’t come back this year. I found an unopened box left in my cupboard (never happens, I was surprised). I am picking through it, about 10 minutes every day, separating and weighing all the ingredients so I can recreate it myself. So unless you are crazy, yes, it is very annoying that so many items are never brought back. They are worse than trader joe’s in this regard.

That was very good! I’ve been watching for it too.

SE Michigan / Detroit suburb:

Our DD #1 is an enthusiastic Aldi convert! Yesterday she sent me an email alert that Aldi was offering Corned Beef brisket–both flat cut and Point Cut for $2.99 a pound. I acted on her comment:

While there earlier today I also purchased
A five pound bag of Redskin potatos - $1.89 (Wisconsin);
Two head of Cabbage - $.89, each (Texas);
An eight ounce container of fresh button mushrooms - $1.19 (Pennsylvania);
A can of Brookfield Corned Beef Hash - $1.69 (no processing location stated).

Enough savings here to convince me to put the store in our grocery shopping rotation.


(Raleigh, NC) I saw 3 different packets of assorted grains in the “special purchase” area. They are rather small, about 6" high x 3" wide. The brand is Earthly Grains. There was a 5 grain, a grain (barley?) with peas and green lentils, and a quinoa + something blend. They are priced around 1.89.

I tried the 5 grain the other night. It’s a mix of spelt, barley, wheat, riice & oats. Nothing else! Product of Italy. 1/4 c. dry was a perfect serving for one. I cooked on the stove and found it did need a little more time than directed (10 minuties). Microwave instructions are on package too.

I was pleased and will stop by to purchase more. Nice flavor and texture made for a pleasant side dish. I like that it is just grains, no seasoning added. I’m a light eater so something like this is an easy way to increase the variety of grains for the week.


Just a heads up. Don’t make a special trip to Aldi for the advertised $2.99 corned beef (like I did😊) without calling first…All the stores in this area are out as is the warehouse. Not sure about the rest of the country.

East Texas

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I’ve been staring at the one we bought for three days now. St Patrick’s Day can’t come soon enough in this house.

BTW…sorry for your misfortune.


My location often sells out of the meat specials quite fast. I’ve asked and was told they get supply trucks daily but never know what will be on them. (I was trying to learn when their dairy delivery was since they are usually out of half n half when I need it!)

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Well, it wasn’t a total loss. Just kind of knocked the wind out of my sail halfway through this latest Aldi trip.:blush: I did get a corned beef at WM. All they had left were Point cuts though so we’ll see how that turns out. Anyway:

Dozen large eggs - .88
Refrigerated crescent rolls - .59
Salted cocktail peanuts(USA) 16 oz - 1.89
Whole cashews w/sea salt 10 oz. $5.19( not a great deal but good)
5 lbs red potatoes - $1.99
Red pasta sauce(24 oz) . .85
USA gulf shrimp (12 oz). $5.89. Nay
California raisins (20 oz) 1.89
HUGE jalapeños (perfect for stuffing)
Boxed chicken broth(32 oz) 1.19
3 lbs Mandies(oranges) $2.29
Canned stewed tomatoes (14 oz) .35
Chicken stuffing mix - .79 (ok think I’ll stop right here😀)


I think it is back! There were 3 varieties of meusli in the “special purchase aisle” today in NC. The ingredients and packaging seem to mesh with my memory of last years offering.

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Nay on the frozen Season’s Choice Spring Blend (with sugar snap peas). The sugar snap peas are very fibrous and parts of them have the consistency of plastic.

Nay to Savoritz wheat thin crackers. They are oddly thick and too sweet. A pale imitation.

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