Alcohol reaction - eye swells up. Anyone else?

I’ve figured out this rather unfortunate reaction as a result of a friend and a relative who had it first.

Every so often, when I drink (typically more than one…) I wake up the next day with a swollen upper eyelid. Always the same one.

No, I didn’t get punched :rofl:

When I’m good, I’ll take antihistamines just before if I know I’m going to drink more than a glass of something. That avoids the issue most of the time.

Otherwise I have to deal with the puffy eye, not much to be done till it subsides.

I’ve done a fair bit of internet research, seems the body can stop being able to digest alcohol. A few people sell “enzymes” to help, others take a few antihistamines to coat the stomach and prevent the reaction, but the only solution is to not drink.

Anyone run into this? Other solutions?

I suspect that this may just be one of those “shit happens” things.

I have what my doctor loosely calls “permanent headache syndrome”. Literally, I have a headache all the time and have had for very many years. It’s centered behind and around my right eye. Most of the time, it doesnt bother me and I don’t generally think about it now unless it’s bad day. But some things aggravate it - I suppose the sort of things that give other people headaches - stress, eye strain, hangovers. The odd thing about this is that I don’t drink alcohol - I’m an alcoholic who hasnt drunk for 20 years, so no hangovers - but there’s something in alcohol free wine that aggravates the headache

Hypersensitivity reaction

Not unless I go on a real bender, and perhaps fall! As if, ha… sorry for your issue however.

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Not swollen eyes, but sneezing attacks when I drink wine. Pesticides in grapes perhaps?

Or sulfites added as preservatives.

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Switch to cannabis?


Stop winking at all the boys :wink:

Hubby get headaches with sulfites allergy 70% of the time. Taking medicine before drinking can help, that’s the reason why he isn’t fond with wine.

With age, i get a very red nose instantly after alcohol consumption, very annoying.

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I’ve heard that alternating glass of alcohol with glass of water might help. Some said putting cream on eyelid before drinking helps.

Isn’t that for hiccups? :wink:

Lol :laughing:

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What types of alcohol?

I actually get the flush pretty soon on my chest & cheeks. Too much of certain types of wine give me severe nasal congestion. Certain brands of wine will give me headaches after a relatively small amount. Have only identified 2 brands conclusively. Fortunately. Think I’ll try some Benadryl beforehand next time to see if it prevents the flush.

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Might find yourself ready for a nap after Benadryl and alcohol

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Indeed. Very inadvisable! Both Benadryl and alcohol are depressants. I’m generally pretty devil-may-care about this stuff, but I wouldn’t try it.

I surely do wish that was the case! Used to use Benadryl for occasional sleep issues, but now it’s like getting bumped by a tricycle, when I need a Mack truck to feel it. Alcohol seems to neither tire nor relax me either, unfortunately. But I do take your point @small_h, that they are both depressants and caution is advised.

I was even wide awake for a medical procedure with anesthetic that should have rendered me out completely. (Despite not even lying about my weight for calculation of dosage) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: High tolerance to things, I guess.

You know your own body, of course. Just throwing my caution out there.

Never a bad thing, and I certainly took no offense @small_h.

My face turns bright red - mostly with too much wine. Sometimes with not much wine!

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