Alaskan Seafood share

Anyone participate in a fresh fish/seafood share? This specific company caught my eye. Anyone familiar with them?


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Although my brother used to live there, and I’ve visited the idyllic Sitka, I’ve no direct experience with that company. Poked around on line, and there seems to be a lot of favorable reviews however. Please let us know if you give it a try. Great way to support commercial fishing of wild caught seafood @Rooster.

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They keep popping up on my ads.

I looked but it didn’t make sense at the time because I’d rather pay the local fisherfolk who are trying to sell direct to consumer.

I have it bookmarked for when I head back east, though, because I haven’t heard a ton (after the summer) of Long Island / other local-ish to nyc fisherfolk direct-selling to consumers, though that may be because my ads at the moment are mostly west coast businesses.

@rooster you may want to take a look at Crowd Cow, on a related note. Our experience has been very good there.

I did look into crowd Cow late last year but wound up with a butcher closer to home instead. I order share with my brother who eats more beef than I do.

The fish def appeals to me.

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I do not know Stika, however:

I know the Marketing Director of ALASKA SEAFOOD for many years …

They have offices in Barcelona.

They also deliver worldwide. I get some Alaskan Wild Salmon from them. (Nigriri quality) … It is exemplary …