Air frying question(s)

Yesterday I tried out the air frying function of my countertop convection oven for the first time by making French fries tossed in a bit of duck fat. They came out surprisingly well. So tonight I thought I would see how frozen bay scallops would fare. So, a couple questions:

  1. to thaw or not to thaw…and how long to cook in either case?
  2. what about a side, besides a green salad?
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I would def thaw first, and don’t expect a true sear. AFAIK, the air fryer works well with prepared, battered foods or to heat up pizza. I’ve made very good wings in the AF as well.

But you might just be better off searing them in the pan. Lemon risotto would be a wonderful side.

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Spray with olive oil and they’ll brown up nicely.

I did thaw and dry them then toss them in flour seasoned with Old Bay. They came out ok but I agree that pan-frying would have been better. I served them over Puy lentils and a green salad.

Good idea!

I’ve not had great results using flour in the air-fryer.

This is an interesting take concerning water content and stuff.
I think the message is don’t air fry previously frozen scallops.
Fresh and dry.

I agree. It did not add anything. Perhaps the Old Bay alone would have worked better.

Old Bay is one of the few seasonings/spices/flavors I absolutely despise, so def not for me :smiley:

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Well, be that way! I lived in Maryland for 30 years before moving to Upstate NY, so I still buy Old Bay in one-pound tins. It is one of the very few prepared spice blends I use. My only complaint about it is that I wish it had less salt.

On that tangent.
Old Bay Seasoning with 30% less Salt
There is also J.O. No. 1 50% Less Salt
Wye River makes a great black pepper seasoning (very similar to what old Obrycki’s used) but I don’t think any of their products are reduced salt.

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