Air fryer wings not crispy

Hi- my first two times making wings were great. Just salt and pepper and a little oil and they were really crispy. The last two they were awful. I did add a bit more seasoning including smoke powder and garlic powder. Cooked them the same way…360 for 12 minutes, flip, 360 another 12, flip, 390 for 10. They were not crisp at all. Any ideas what would cause this? Would crowding the fryer cause this? Too much oil? It’s very upsetting because DH loved the wings. Would a rack help? Thanks!!!

Did you make more wings the not-crispy times? If so, crowding could definitely be the culprit.

Crowding is a likely culprit, but I would guess that perhaps your last two batches were made with wings that had been brined/injected with broth/salt/water, causing them to steam rather than ‘fry.’ I buy wings at Costco frequently and the ones from the fresh section are not brined/treated, but the Perdue brand frozen ones from the freezer section are, and there is a definite difference in the way they cook up.


Babette and biondanonima - there may have been a couple of more wings. The ones I got looked a bit plump. I wonder if they were injected with something. Interesting! They were fresh but store brand. Hmmm. Thanks.

Overcrowding and a gloppy coating were the two main issues while getting the hang of air frying. My very unscientific method when we first bought the machine was testing the threshold. i started out leaving a lot of room and added more each use until I found the sweet spot. I would have returned it if having a separate unit didn’t give us the crisp we wanted.


I haven’t seen a store brand chicken since the 60’s: Davis and Sundberg in Redwood City, on Woodside Road, their Farm was at the corner of Hudson and Palm.

What store has their own brand of chicken?

In my area, DeCicco’s markets does. Stop and Shop has their own organic brand.

So, I made wings last night and they came out great. I got smaller Bell and Evans wings and a few less in the basket. I used less oil too - just a drop. And, I changed the temp to 380 for 12 minutes, flip, 380 for another 12, flip, and 400 for about 6 more. They were great!!! Thanks all!!!