Ae's Thai and BBQ Hazlet

File this one under interesting combinations. From their website:

It looks like they serve both cuisines and nothing else. Has anyone been?




We actually ordered takeout here maybe 2-3 weeks ago. I vaguely recall a pad thai and a BBQ platter thing. It was all solidly fine and perfectly acceptable. I wouldn’t go out of my way for it again but it got the job done. And the side on my husband’s BBQ was a very fresh pile of steamed veggies which my kid actually ate.


They were originally in Airport Plaza (one of 10 or so Asian restaurants to occupy that spot since my family moved to the area in the mid-90’s-- its a bit of a restaurant graveyard). Now they have moved to the shopping center where Aldi is. Not that this is their fault, but that entire section of strip mall desperately needs a facelift.

Have not been there but have a friend who always raves about it. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been a fan of places that combine such drastically different kinds of cuisine. Sort of like when the pizzeria in town starts serving Mexican food. Its not the same, but it makes me wrinkle my nose.

I guess they are doing well. They opened before COVID in an awful spot and are still kicking. Good luck to them.


We went way back when, when they were in Airport Plaza. See the thread at [Ae's Thai and BBQ Restaurant Coming to Hazlet].