Ae's Thai and BBQ Restaurant Coming to Hazlet

According to this article:

Who likes Thai and BBQ? If that’s you, you’re in for a treat because there’s a new business coming to Hazlet’s Airport Plaza. Ae’s Thai & BBQ is a family owned and operated Thai and barbecue restaurant. They plan to open their doors in October. They are opening in the old Red Oak Diner location that is located at 1358 Route 36 in Hazlet, NJ. They serve Thai cuisine and American BBQ in a ‘fun, friendly, casual atmosphere.’

And they are choosing for their location a perennial restaurant graveyard: Airport Plaza. Asian restaurants have come and gone in that place since I have lived in this area. Maybe five or six different ones. Red Oak even moved there and they were closed almost before they opened.

I hate to judge without trying, but this is one of those “They never learn, do they?” moments.

“Thai food and American BBQ”? This place will be closed within a year.


Hahaha! Perennial restaurant graveyard lol.

Greg a while back I was so humored by your review of the Zhang grill that I felt a need to invite you here lol. To this day you havent disappointed. I’m glad you’re on board!


I’m so glad you invited me. I really do love this board. I have learned (and laughed) a lot. And if I check this place out when it opens, I think I’ll be laughing a lot more.

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(Actually, Greg, this is the place you said would be closed in a year, not Zhang’s. This place opened last October, so you could still be right.)

We dropped in for lunch today and got the half rack of ribs ($13.95) and Chicken Prik King ($8.95). The chicken was okay, but not as good as Thai Thai. It came with a small salad and white rice (brown for $1 more). The ribs had no flavor at all. They came with a salad, a side, and a beverage. We got fries (needed salt, and there are no salt shakers on the tables) and a lemonade (weak). Stick with the Thai menu, but don’t go out of your way to come here.

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Ah yes. It was six months I gave to Zhang’s. :rofl:

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