Adding a sujihiki to the lineup

My latest order is for a 9" long (230mm) sujihiki. Looking at a lot of designs, I decided to do one in a “sword tip.” This is the hard pattern (Masonite) I made for it. Thoughts?


Wishing you best of, in fabbing and forging this Slicer. Just Googled the knife to see its “purpose”. Astonished at the range of prices out there.

I hope you find the sweet spot in the market, and it becomes a robust seller for you.

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Thanks @RedJim! I’ll post my progress on the fab as I go along. :slight_smile:

Nice looking lines to it @Eiron; what are the blade and handle lengths, respectively? Am assuming a 9 inch blade…

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Thanks @Lambchop. Yes, 9" blade, and 5" handle. The new owner has been using an 8" chef’s knife for carving for decades, so we decided on a 9" blade as an improvement without being so long as to be uncomfortable to use.

Hi Eiron,

I have a Ken Onion 9" slicer with curvature toward the tip that gives a great slicing stroke. Tojiro makes a 9" with much less curvature. Do you intend to keep it so straight? What does your user intend to slice?


Hi @drrayeye, the user slices large cuts of meat (turkey and beef) and is using the same knife for watermelons (!). The challenge is to make the knife do both extremes well. This design has slightly less curve towards the tip to provide a “longer” cutting stroke, and the sword-tip for more rigidity at the super-thin tip of the knife.

At least, that’s what seemed like the logical design elements to me. :thinking:

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