Ada's Latin Flavor in Long Branch


Table Hopping With Rosie—Ada’s Latin Flavor in Long Branch

(Elwood) #2

Any chance that, in the future, you could provide a synopsis or pertinent portion of the blog entry, rather than merely a link? A little pre-read amuse-bouche, if you will. Might be more enticing and less sales-y, you know?


It’s also a link to a Top Chef story from 2010…


Correct LInk:

ADA’S LATIN FLAVOR in Long Branch offers DOMINICAN AND ETHIOPIAN CUISINE. The restaurant is worth seeking out.

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A lil late to the party?

Pic of pretty old CH gathering/feast at Ada’s.


I recognize some of you!!! RS


I’m resurrecting this one

Has anyone been lately? I haven’t been in quite some time. The pic @gcaggiano posted of the skirt steak from Kunya Siam got me craving some steak. The skirt steak there is rather economical considering the other places around here.