Ada's in Asbury Park ( formerly Long Branch )

Table Hopping With Rosie—Ada’s Latin Flavor in Long Branch

Any chance that, in the future, you could provide a synopsis or pertinent portion of the blog entry, rather than merely a link? A little pre-read amuse-bouche, if you will. Might be more enticing and less sales-y, you know?

It’s also a link to a Top Chef story from 2010…

Correct LInk:

ADA’S LATIN FLAVOR in Long Branch offers DOMINICAN AND ETHIOPIAN CUISINE. The restaurant is worth seeking out.

A lil late to the party?

Pic of pretty old CH gathering/feast at Ada’s.

I recognize some of you!!! RS

I’m resurrecting this one

Has anyone been lately? I haven’t been in quite some time. The pic @gcaggiano posted of the skirt steak from Kunya Siam got me craving some steak. The skirt steak there is rather economical considering the other places around here.

People. Ada’s is coming to Asbury Park!!! Saw a sign on the southern end of the shops on Memorial Drive right next door to Local 130 Seafood! So Ada’s at one end, Booskerdoo at the other. #LifeIsGood

More as I have it!

ETA: I feel like someone posted that this was a possibility (a while ago) but I couldn’t find it when I did a search…

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Wow…is this a second spot or are they moving?

I like the food there

A while back Mr. Bean and I ran into Ada in the parking lot of Restaurant Depot. We chatted for a while and Ada mentioned that she was opening in AP. She was hoping for June. I meant to post but don’t think I ever did. Maybe we talked about it at the last HO down.


That must have been it, @MsBean, because I wasn’t 100% shocked to see it in AP–but I loooove that location–walking distance!!

I can’t wait until she opens. We really enjoy her food.

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And, hey – you could just take the train… :grin:

I saw the spot the other day, I had heard a while back that she is moving.

It worries me. Although Ada’s has a very loyal following, that spot is a long time tried and true restaurant graveyard.

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That’s interesting. I only recall a couple of places in that strip - the Jamaican place, a Latin American restaurant - Diaz I think it was called- and a barber/hair braider. The new tenants seem to be going after a different demographic.

It’s funny you mention Diaz. They had the space long ago, and moved into Long Branch to become what Ada’s is today. She bought the business off of Diaz and her latin food today are his recipes (but to be honest are not as good).

I think you’re talking about a different location… This is on Memorial Drive between 5th and Sunset on the west side of the railroad tracks. Booskerdoo is on the other end.

Yeah, that’s the spot. Diaz used to be there, and after that it’s been a couple different Haitian places.

It was most recently a home decor store

That’s what I thought! So it hasn’t been a restaurant for at least three years…