Ada's in Asbury Park ( formerly Long Branch )

@joonjoon I think the first time I ever went to Diaz they were in Bradley Beach. How long ago were they In LB?

When we go to Ada’s we usually do Dominican appetizers and Ethiopian mains.

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No it was the home decor place back in 2014 or 15

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Yeah, their Bradley spot was the bomb! They opened up at the strip mall in AP about a year after they left Bradley, then they moved to Ada’s current spot a year or so after. I still dream about their rice and beans, Ada’s just isn’t the same. I do the same at Ada’s in terms of ordering app/mains. :slight_smile:

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Just drove by Ada’s, appears to be open now

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I logged on to say the same!!

@NotJrvedivici would you please change the name of this thread to Ada’s in Asbury Park (formerly Long Branch) when you have a chance? TY!

I’m sorry but I’m on vacation @seal can you take care of this one.

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Your wish is my command.


We want pics!!

Just home from my first dinner at eight hours since they came to AP… Suffice it to say I am ECSTATIC to have them within such close reach! The food (across the board) was wonderful and Ada and her family and staff couldn’t be more hospitable.

We were a group of 8 so we shared a bunch of appetizers… Beef, chicken, and vegetable empanadas , tostones with shrimp, and (veg) mofongo. Every one of the empanadas was delicious, but the beef was my favorite because of the spices. The salsa that came with the empanadas was spectacular! Full of bright, fresh flavors. With the exception of one person who had pernil for dinner, we all went with the Ethiopian side of the menu for our entrées. Again, everything I tried was delicious. I had the lamb with collard greens and the spicy lentils but I was able to taste the pernil (which was excellent) and the beef dish that’s listed as Ada’s special (tib, iirc). No complaints about any of them, but I’ll definitely order the beef next time, along with the same vegetables, as I loved the flavors.

We brought a birthday cake with us, which they graciously served on a cake pedestal, and I had a very good cup of decaf. With a really ridiculously large tip, it was $32 per person. I don’t know if they do it every day, but they do buffet at lunch.

Holler if you want to meet up—it’s all of 1/2 mike away from me!


The buffet at lunch is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We went there Wednesday evening, maybe around 6. Lots of people came in to pick up orders.
I had the key wot, beef stew, which I loved.
The flan was fantastic

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Does the buffet have any ethiopian food?

What’s the parking situation there?

Very easy (and free)! Can’t say that about too many places in Asbury Park…

Reading this today, I’m reminded of why I’m better off TYPING ON MY LAPTOP vs. dictating on my phone. SIGH… #talktypos

If you’re a spice fan, she will juice it up for you!

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That’s good to hear, @CurlzNJ. We rarely eat in Asbury Park, but if we go to Ada’s (we’ve been to her previous location and enjoyed the food), I don’t want have to deal with parking difficulties.

We were at Ada’s Gojjo on Friday for our second visit. We couldn’t decide what to have so we had everything.

Delicious as always.


I was at Ada’s on Saturday for a birthday party. Unfortunately the party had a pre-set menu so I didn’t get to try much. But! I did have some bacalao for the first time which was great.

However I had a quick look at their regular menu and it looks like all the prices are up and the Ethiopian meat platters for 2 are now gone? The only combo plates I saw on the menu were real expensive. It looks like menu prices are up across the board too.

I love Ada and I have been supporting her since the day she started, but I felt a little sad at the new place. I know it’s tough work for the owners, but a part of the magic of Ada’s was that the owner was the cook and the wait service in a tiny warm hole. Where else can you get that level of intimacy these days?

Nonetheless I wish her the best and hope the place brings her continued success, lord knows she deserves it.

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Joon - I agree 100%. The new location doesn’t have the soul of the LB place. And I’m not surprised that the prices seem higher - the rent in that bougee section of AP is probably a lot higher than the Long Branch space.

I will say each time I’ve been there Ada and her husband were there, greeted us with hugs and kisses, and seemed to be right on top of things.

I had a feeling pricing would go up with the new location. I didn’t want to say anything but I guess this is a sign of the times. Prices are going up on everything.

She is a charming woman and a great cook. I wish them the best!