Acme Super Markets in NJ S*ck

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Maybe a bowling alley AND Chinese restaurant!! We can have next years Greggy’s there!!! @gcaggiano

@Metsfan53 the liquor store across from Larosa Bakery in Red Bank (name escapes me but not Vingo) is my go-to in the area, if not Wegmans is great.

Iplay on 35 in Eatontown closed.

I used to be in the vending business and has machines at a Laser Tag place on 9 in Manalapan (where Costco is now). They did great business for 2-3 years with the movies next door but that was it, they closed shortly thereafter.

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yeah- I got that one too- but like you said it’s not great- bought way too many beers past freshness date, service is lousy, pricing meh, and some odd selections. same with the clown in Middletown and that’s kinda far- honestly-lately I’ve been saving up my purchases and going to Sam’s club in freehold- actually decent selection and great on price.

I didn’t even know there was an Iplay in Eatontown- I’ve only been to the one in Freehold on 9- it’s nice but $$$$. There’s where I get my laser tag fix- I suppose as a. part of a larger spot it works- looked to book it for group of kids and couldn’t believe the $$ they charge.

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What is BOGO?


Buy one get one free


I’m not sure if anyone posted this yet but…


Wish someone would close the Fair Haven Acme but it’s been here since the 50’s and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere :frowning:

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My primary doctor is across the street and my last check up I went into that Acme for the first time. It’s tight in there but it seems like they have everything in there… It also looked fairly recently renovated.


Dr Mulholland? Great guy. They just renovated the whole plaza but it’s really a glorified 7/11 with lousy produce. People only go there because it’s close…