Acme Super Markets in NJ S*ck

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So - to add to the I hate Acme theme - where I live in Northern Westchester we had a monster storm on Tuesday. Where I live was on the outskirts but there were 4 small tornadoes. When the power was restored I went to the little Acme in my neighborhood just to get a couple of things for breakfast and they had no perishables. They were restocking the shelves. Seriously - a supermarket with no generator? Must have cost them a fortune in losses!

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Insurance would cover the loss, most stores carry spoliage endorsements. And in my experience most stores do not have generators

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That’s true - didn’t think of that - duh!

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Anybody around here like Livottis?

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I occasionally shop at the Marlboro Livoti’s for vegetables. But the one thing I really like is their sensational marzipan rainbow cookies, my all-time favorite cookie. For that alone, I’m thrilled to have Livoti’s five minutes from our house.

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Eeeuuuwww !

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I like the produce too. Their specialty cuts are also pretty good. And I like their EVO selection.

Don’t always like the crowd in there though.

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looks like the SR in Shrewsbury will be open in Nov, they’ve made some great progress over last cpl months…once lawsuit was settled they flew.

LIDL in Eatontown will be open on Halloween. So hopefully we’ll have some more options in the area soon as we sure could use them. I was really surprised that Stop and Shop never made a move for the A&P in Tinton Falls that closed and is now an Acme. Would have given them a footprint in the area. That Acme is now toast though…really see now path forward for them…Foodtown will prob survive but don’t think the changes they made so far as the “New” Foodtown are enough…they need to lower prices across the board at this point before it’s too little too late…

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I don’t think lower prices are going to happen. There’s enough $$ on that peninsula that Foodtown will survive just fine without having to do a thing.

I cannot wait for that Shop Rite to open!!! Funny thing is looking at it, it seems like parking will be as screwed up at West Long Branch and Neptune locations. I think their parking lot designers are retired crossword puzzle people. lol I’ve also become a big fan of their cigar selection and pricing, they beat any cigar shops in the area. They have become my go-to for cigars now.

I’m holding out hope that a Whole Foods will move into the soon to be defunct Acme in Tinton Falls.

Lidl looks interesting, I understand this is one of 3 they are opening in NJ. Only 6 extra wide isles and some/small appliances? (That’s what I heard on a radio advertisement)

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I assume Lidl (no final ‘e’) will be very similar to Aldi, as they are in Europe. I believe both use basic interiors, quarter deposits on the carts returned when you bring them back to the corral, no free bags, you bag your own groceries, etc. In return, you get much lower prices. Aldi’s store brand gets a lot of positive reviews; I have not seen much on Lidl’s yet.

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More choices are headed to the Hazlet/Middletown/Matawan area as well. The Saker Family- Shop Rites dominate this area and some of their prices can be ludicrous, especially when it comes to produce. They pretty much have a monopoly because the Foodtowns and Stop and Shops nearby are even more horrendous and no one wants to go there.

The Aldi in Hazlet is moving across Route 35 to where the old Pathmark used to be. It is about triple the size. And then Lidl is opening pretty much next door, where Red Oak used to be. I hope they really hit Shop Rite’s wallet.

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Heard acme in Tinton Falls is closing. No confirmation yet though

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confirmed for 22nd…Shoprite didn’t take long to kill them…although it’s their own fault- they never planned for any real competition and never once aimed to fix the store on service, appearance, price, selection, freshness, quality, etc…

I can’t tell you how many times I ran there at like 10pm at night looking to grab one thing we needed for the AM ,pre-Shoprite, thinking I’d be in and out in 3 min and it ended up taking 30 min b/c no self checkout and only one register open and the skells of the night all lined up to buy random crap in front of me…

wonder what will become of that spot? huge void now with that and the sonic empty…

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My wishlist:

1.) Wegmans (I don’t think the location / store is large enough)
2.) Whole Foods (but honestly my reason was because of their aged / prime meats, Shop Rite has a nice selection so I’m more neutral on this now)
3.) I would like to see Trader Joe’s move and expand to include a liquor store and knock out that liquor store which I can’t stand either.
4.) Bring back Burlington Coat Factory !!!

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To be honest I’d like a bowling alley…or a laser tag spot…it’s a weird spot too small for anything too grand but too big for anything “normal”…maybe a Joe canal’s liquor spot to put the ungodly number of terrible sprits unlimited sh&tholes out of business.

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Joe Canal’s would be pretty awesome. I don’t think demand for bowling can draw enough for a new location unless you do like Asbury Lanes, which has switched to a bit of an entertainment/bowling forum. Laser Tag has kind of died, there were a few for awhile but none of them seemed to ever make it.

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agree on laser tag- but I’m the last holdout who loved it I guess…they have it a iplay- but the prices that place charges are insane.
Agree- the Asbury lanes kind of place would prob be better choice and could be a nice fit, thinks its Neptune or hazlet for bowling around here.
Canals prob would be best- this area is crying out for a legit liquor store and wine spot…I’d settle for bottle king as well0- they are pretty good.


Bowling at Asbury lanes is VERY expensive… $40 per hour pp, iirc