Academy Awards snacks

What are you serving? Since we’re in California, it starts at 4:00 PM, so I’m just doing snack-type stuff. We used to do much more elaborate menus, but this is a lot easier!
guacamole and tortilla chips
veggie sticks (the 1 year old loves them)
zen bar mix
white wine, WF fizzy lemon drink
maybe some Thin Mints

And if Da’Vine Joy Randolph doesn’t win for The Holdovers, I’m going to be seriously upset!


I hosted a red carpet event (didn’t watch the actual ceremony) for my gal pals and served this:

good mature Irish cheddar & truffle goat cheese from Aldi, triple creme brie & unexpected cheddar spread from TJ’s

plus jalapeño cream cheese wontons, mini chicken tacos & lemon bars from TJ’s, pub-style shrimp bites from Aldi (meh), plus PR sangria, prosecco and Grüner Veltliner.