About those Thermalon non-stick pans...

Two years ago I bought a Zwilling TruClad non-stick skillet with the Thermalon ceramic lining. It didn’t take long before things started sticking. I was ticked! Then someone on that other place we’ve recently escaped wrote that scrubbing the pan with a baking soda paste restored the nonstick qualities. Yeah, it worked, but boy, was that a lot of hard work for arthritic hands! So I pretty much stuck the pan on an out of sight shelf and tried to forget about it. Then a month or so ago, I decided tro give it another go. BUT… When it comes to cleaning it and perfectly restoring its non-stick qualities… Guess what I found out??? SOS works perfectly! It’s no longer that pristine sort of greenish finish it was when new. It’s seriously discolored, but that’s okay. Nothing sticks! Ever. YAY SOS!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your update, I think it was Duffy who had good luck with those pans, but I continued to wonder how they would hold up.

Now that I know how well steel wool works on mine, I do recommend the Zilling TruClad. It seems logical that all ceramic non-stick would be unharmed by a good SOS scour.

Yes, I do use baking soda on a pretty regular basis on my Thermalon and Teflon pans. My Spirit sauté is over a year-and-a-half old and still looks pristine. I think the key to easy scrubbing is the regularity with which I do it.

I treat it mostly as I do my other nonstick pans, but will crank the heat to med-high from time to time. The Teflon ones never go past medium.

Does the steel wool scratch it? If that’s a worry, a medium-to-fine stainless chainmail scrubber would likely work well without any fear of scratching. I use The Ringer: http://smile.amazon.com/The-Ringer-Cleaner-Stainless-Chainmail/dp/B00FKBR1ZG/ref=pd_sim_sbs_79_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0T9E47RW9SR2MF48SHST&dpID=5159nj0xbXL&dpSrc=sims&preST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160. I haven’t tried it on my Thermolon pan, haven’t needed to, but have considered this fine-link scrubber from Knapp Made: http://cmscrubber.com/products/cm2-scrubber-chain-mail-dishcloth-for-your-finest-pots-and-pans


Nope! Steel wool does NOT scratch Thermalon. I will not use Teflon because I refuse to cook in a skillet (or any other pan) that dictates a temperature I must not excede if I don’t want to suffer “toxic harm.” I use skillets to fry eggs as well as to sear steaks. I HATE fried eggs with the crispy brown skirt around them, and conversly, I don’t want my steaks “sweated” because searing them will ruin the pan and harm me in the process. I used to do metal enameling as an art form so I SHOULD have figured out a long time ago that SOS is safe for Thermalon. But it does discolor in time from high temperature usage, but the non-stick performance is unharmed. I’m a happy camper!

I suspect that most non-stick finishes that state they are safe for metal utensils are probably safe for SOS scrubs. Seems logical to me.

I’m with you on the eggs, Caro. I’ve got them perfected in my deBuyer skillets. Still gobsmacked that the Thermolon will build fond, but comes clean with zero effort using nylon. My Spirit Thermolon sauté is my go-to pan for one-pan skillet lasagna. I wish all nonstick were Thermolon.

I’ve got the 12" TruClad skillet (straight stainless, not Thermolon) and it’s a beast. it’s got so much floor space I seldom use it, but it was a bargain so what the hey. Those handles are oddly comfortable, aren’t they? Surprisingly easy to choke up on, too.

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