? About single butane travel burners

We’re headed out to an event pretty soon and charcoal bbqs and fires are forbidden due to fire danger (the event is in Central CA.) I picked up a single butane burner and am wondering how long a can of butane lasts so I know how many to take. Anyone with a burner out there?

It’s hard to say exactly since I’m never using it continuously and for long cooking (boiling pasta) I always turn down the gas output to conserve fuel. If I had to guesstimate, I’d say a 40 minutes to an hour on medium high (not fully open but high enough). Keep in mind that as the can runs low on fuel, it loses pressure. A third-full can may now only provide a medium flame.

I’d say at least an hour. I have an Iwatani burner we use for hot pot. Our hot pot meals generally last more than an hour and I have never had a fresh can run out. On the other hand, the canisters are so cheap (in Chinatown, at least) there’s no reason not to have a spare.

Bbqs and fires aren’t allowed but butane burners are?

Thanks. 3 will be plenty then. I’m doing as much prep and cooking at home as possible- I’ll just be reheating chili, etc there.

Yep, butane and propane burners and stoves can be used on tables and then can be immediately turned off when done being used- they don’t throw sparks and embers into the air and then smolder until they burn out. Fire extinguishers are required, too.