Aarzu Modern Indian [Freehold NJ]

Enjoyed birthday dinner this evening via DoorDash home delivery from Aarzu. I had the chicken tikka masala and my wife had chicken biriyani. We split some hot garlic naan as well as a side of cool raita —- also included some extra cumin rice in the order along with a few samosas filled with potato/peas, mint & tamarind. For a special ‘new experience beyond the familiar’ treat I also tried a food I had never eaten before: several paneer papad rolls. Personally, I really enjoy spicy cooking while my wife prefers mildly spiced items…mentioned this in space provided on the DoorDash order webpage form —- told the chef in the note that I then trusted his interpretation of those spice levels when preparing a flavorful meal. Needless to say, we were both very pleased with the resulting more than amply sized portions😀.

Delivery to our door was quite prompt, 100% correct, and as forecast via text messaging and the app. The driver was friendly and took care handling the various items; everything was nicely packaged with warm foods arriving hot and the cool raita nicely chilled. We had some lemon sorbet in freezer so we opted for that as a refreshing dessert which IMHO “paired” perfectly with everything. (the restaurant also offers several dessert choices which I’m sure we’ll try in the future. Prices for everything seemed appropriate and a fair value for a splendid meal beyond average. Looking forward to sampling the properly refrigerated leftovers at mealtimes for the next few days!


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