A recipe rant!

So the Meat Cutter in our family brought home a beautiful, five pound bone in Prime Rib roast. This thing was gorgeous! Then he asked me: “How are you gonna cook it?” My reply, “I have no idea! I’ll have to Google it.” Never roasted a delicate piece of meat like this before. Never. And so, I googled it. Well…

Emeril offered one take. Michael Symon, another. Chef John a wild, third approach, and Tyler Florence a fourth direction! Finally I found a recipe for slow-and-low with a 500 degree bake at the end, that I chose for the roast. Fingers now crossed. Results to be reported later tonight.

Did you know that www.allrecipes.com has almost 100 recipes for standing rib roasts? Did you know that every celebrity chef that works, or has ever worked for the Food Network has their recipe for prime rib roast embedded in the food.com website. Talk about ‘how to confuse a nervous cook’.

. . . .thousands of . . .
research how to hard boil an egg; you’ll lose count…

low&slow using a thermometer is likely the most goof proof.
the hot oven at the end gets you a nice crust.

the “6 million degrees for x minutes per pound then turn off & leave in the oven for four days” is the least reliable - way too may variables.

and roasting a medium-high temp can turn tender into tough…


“…the “6 million degrees for x minutes per pound then turn off & leave in the oven for four days” is the least reliable - way too may variables.”

I love hyperbole!

yes, it is to chuckle. except for the bit with a neighbor . . . using the above theory she put the Christmas roast in the evening of 12/23 with the instructions not to open the oven until they were ready to eat.

and called me noontime on 12/25 to ask if I thought it would be okay to take the roast out ‘to rest’ while she heated up the dinner rolls.

dunno. perhaps the instructions were a bit fuzzy?

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All you can do is find the recipe from a cook whose recipes you’ve successfully used before.


Sounds like you’re using a reverse sear method. I’ve had excellent results with that method.

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Did that, Rick. Reverse sear worked wonderfully. But my slow and low probably could have been extended another 30 minutes. Inner third of this roast was rare. Verrrrrry rare.

the best directions you can possibly find are to find fourunder’s posts (did we ever drag him over here?)

His posts are all there to be found at the old website – I rarely send people there any more, but Fourunder has the best advice – my 10pounder standing rib roast for Christmas turned out picture-perfect.


I emailed him about it and he sounded like he might but he was kinda busy at the time. I owe him a phone call.


I snooped over at Chowhound just now, and see that he started a new thread, with a lengthy post:

It’s a shame he isn’t posting here.

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Thanks for this. I’ve got to call him! Maybe tomorrow AM. He’s a major night owl after years in the restaurant business and I’m not.

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