A nutmeg loving mouse

In the pantry spice drawer. Many other better choices in the drawer but obviously he really enjoyed nutmeg & it’s properties:)


If you want to catch the creature use the same nutmeg to lure it into a trap :wink:

The mice in our cabin have a taste for silicone. I lost an egg poacher and all the bristles off my basting brush to someone’s tiny jaws.


For the first time in 10+ years in my house, 2 tiny field mice found their way in. They had a taste for potato chips. My cat didn’t have a taste for mice, but she found them amusing enough to play with until two little dead mice carcasses had to be disposed of.

I think I would have been a little freaked if they had made their way into drawers or the pantry.

My mice eat everything, including my underwear.

Be thankful it was one nutmeg instead of a small pile of pilfered dry dog food with shredded paper in a seldom used drawer. That means “she” is nesting and about to give birth. Don’t ask me how I know this ok. Mice are not cute and if you don’t nip this in the bud “somehow”, they will propagate and become a problem.


The mouse/mice could possibly be dead from the ingestion of that nutmeg, or seriously tripping out, due to hallucinogenic and toxic effects, including organ failure. Here:
Dangers of Nutmeg

Too late to edit the post, but please don’t try eating nutmeg in large quantities at home! :upside_down_face:

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I have one (or more?!) in my garage / storage these days too, it likes nuts, flour, cafe grains, rice, instant noodles. Not interested in the trap nor the poison grains… I just hope it is not a she.


It’s still a nut?! in a way.

We used to have mouse invasions from time to time, most especially before we got cat(s); the funniest story is that H was going to have cereal for breakfast one morning before work. He picked up the cereal box to find it extremely heavy, and investigating further, found fun fruits, lentils, pasta pieces, barley and kitchen twine all squirreled away in there. Evidently a nesting mama had taken up residency in the pantry. So…traps were set and mice were eradicated. (I always feel bad, kind of, but not really.)

I would be so freaked out by that!

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It was pretty shocking, and turned out to be just one mouse at that particular time. Cleaned the entire pantry out of course! Setting aside the creepy factor, we got a good laugh out of it though, especially over the fun fruits in there.


I find them very cute. I apologize to them as I toss their dead bodies in the bushes. It makes me sad but they are not very polite visitors. When we first moved in to our house which is in a rural area I left them alone in my shed. Cats kept them from the house but they did eventually get into the walls via attached garage. I started having dreams of the ceiling collapsing over my head with hundreds of mice falling on top of me. This city girl made war with county mouse.

I filled every crack or hole in house including under the bottom siding with fine copper mesh. After putting mesh in any holes I filled them with expanding insulation foam. This has worked pretty well. We use rat zappers in shed and garage and our cars. They are expensive but they work well and I don’t have to worry about our cats getting into them like traditional snap traps. I am not a fan of the snap traps after a bird hopped in to my shed and was killed by one.


I was in my apartment heavily sedated from a hospital stay and a guy working on high speed internet crashed through the ceiling landing on me and messing up my toe which required multiple doctor visits.

Two F bombs were yelled at the same time. I didn’t even know he was up there.

To keep this rat related I had to stop growing jalapenos on the patio because they would chew on them. Poison would drive them away for a bit but I gave up plus I don’t like using poison.

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That sounds horrifying! I wonder if you have reoccurring dreams about it. I would.

It is funny how rats like jalapeno plants. I have heard that before. Ground up chilies is so often used in DIY pest deterrent but I guess the plant is tasty.

I almost resorted to poison but was worried about secondary poisoning. My cats will carry around dead mice they find in snap traps if I don’t get to them first so they might do the same with a poisoned mouse.

Maybe I should try to use nutmeg in my traps. I don’t think birds would go for that the way they go for the peanut butter I normally use.


They left the plants alone but chewed on the peppers.

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My cat is pretty picky, I’m sure he won’t touch that. My only worry about using toxic is a dead body and hundreds of maggots…

I set up my old phone to film… I saw a lone mice. It’s strange, it could vanished for several weeks and be back consecutive days looking for food.

Interesting to know.

At my last house, I opened up the oven door one day and there was a little mouse staring at me in alarm. Actually, I was staring at it in alarm as well. The pantry was right next to the oven, so after the mouse was caught we had to do a gigantic clean sweep/disinfection of the oven and pantry. What a mess.

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