A new Penzey's offer begins 5/24/18

Received an email from Penzey’s today. They are announcing a special Thursday evening at 6 pm EDST online only at Penzeys.com.

They acknowledge that they are just catching up from the prior offer but feel the political situation surrounding immigrants is something they need to respond to. The order amount of $30 for free s/h will be lowered to $15 for the special.

“Other animals use tools, other animals use language. We’re the ones who cook. So for tomorrow night, we are cooking up a really good offer to bring attention to where it is due and remind everyone that it is the humanity and the hope of immigrants that have always made America great.”

Stay tuned tomorrow - same bat time, same bat station!


As of 6:09, not seeing anything except $14.94 order needed for free shipping.

It’s been updated

Yeah, it appeared before 7:00. I already ordered. Still waiting for the special freebie from April to arrive.

wow … well the nice thing is they don’t put the charge through until it ships

What is EDST?

The website has crashed. :frowning:

Eastern Daylight Savings Time?


The stuff I paid for arrived 3 weeks after the order was placed, but the free promo box, Heart & Soul, was in high demand. A couple of weeks ago, they posted that they were still catching up. The takeaway is that if you order something from them online that is to be a gift, don’t procrastinate!.

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It was a lovely gift


Just arrived home and saw the details in my email. Basically you get to choose a 1/4 c. jar, 1/2 c. jar and 3/4 c. bag from a set selection. Pretty nice offer imo!

From the email:
"We also tried to make this truly your choice of any 1/4-cup jar, 1/2-cup jar and 3/4 cup bag, but the nearly 600 coupon codes made the website really sluggish. So we based the possible choices on previous “your choice” offers. We are giving you the choice of the most popular items which are pretty much the most expensive ones. I get it, I love our Basil, but I’m not going to use my coupon for that when I also need some equally tasty, but slightly more expensive Garlic.

To get your up to $28.39 worth of 3 Free Spices and/or Seasonings, just visit us at penzeys.com and simply enter your three choices into the apply code box at checkout. There’s no need to enter the items separately into your basket, the codes do that for you for free! There is no code needed for the free shipping with just $15 in spending, that one’s automatic for everyone. It’s easy, but don’t delay. This is one night only from now until 10am Pacific Time tomorrow."

The site was busy. I registered (usually order as a guest) as a safeguard if it crashed mid-order. Took awhile but was able to order with no problem.

Wish there was a place to send them a note. I’d just a soon they ship everything together even if it means a delay. I feel for them having to absorb so much in shipping from the last promo.

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You can email customer service, use your order number as a reference

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I was due to order a few things anyhow (addicted to the Balti right now…) so it was great timing! I like to use promos like this to try blends I haven’t tried before.

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I needed Balti too! I also ordered some Ajwain seed. I’ve never used it before but this description was intriguing.

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I go through a lot of ajwain, both for cooking and for chewing as-is or simmered in tea as a natural stomach settler. It’s an acquired taste when chewed but I love the stuff.

To me, ajwain tastes like caraway’s cousin.

Is ajwain part of the mix often found by the cash register at Indian restaurants? Restaurants in my area have a bowlful where you can spoon some into your hand. I love the stuff! A better tradition than an after dinner mint.

Yes, it is.

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I got my order in before the crush and the choice limitations, and this morning received an email that it has been shipped.


Normally, no. The mix (aka mukhwas, or mouth freshener) usually has fennel.

Ajwain is pretty potent as is. I chew it almost daily and it still burns my tongue! But, as I mentioned, it’s a natural digestion aid, so I prefer to chew some ajwain over popping antacids or taking pepto. I’m still figuring out some food sensitivities/intolerances I’ve developed recently. I eat a lot of ajwain and steep it in tea to settle my stomach.

BTW, ajwain is very cheap at indian and middle eastern markets. I just bought a 4oz bag at my usual indian market for $1.79.

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