A New ECI Color (And a New Non Sequitur) from Staub

Don’t say you’re surprised. Staub has a NEW COLOR. Metallic Blue, already a favorite of a certain celebrity! You, too, can have this sparkly beauty of a 5.5Q oven for only $369.

The best part is the new riff to make cast iron sound “even heating”. Staub doesn’t just repeat the tired-yet-simple claim that the material is even heating, no. Rather, they explain why this is so:

“Cast iron possesses exceptional heat-retention qualities, so the pot heats evenly throughout.”

Nifty trick, huh? The ‘so’ in the claim is genius. By the same logic, a magnesium pan (heat retention 3x that of cast iron) must be more even still? And since copper by thickness is very close to CI in heat retention, so the two must be very close to being as even!

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What is your favorite color from Staub?

I don’t own much Staub and don’t covet it, so I’m not fluent in its color palette. But the colors I’ve seen are beatiful in ways that LC’s are not.

IMO, neutral colors present foods best. If I had to choose more Staub, it would probably be black, like the mussel pot.


I prefer the aesthetics of Staub over LC. I have a 28 cm braiser and a 28cm cocotte. Both in black as I prefer the more neutral colours.

This one. All other colours are fugly.

Unfortunately, this shallow pan only comes in black. A couple of other smaller pieces I have are also back and grey.

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Is that metabolic sliver? I was looking to see if Le Creuset has a silver color pot.

“Graphite” grey

I had to vet marketing claims in several companies I’d worked in. Hopefully I won’t offend any marketers here, but they often tend to play a little fast and loose with how they interconnect claims.

Seems I was forever helping them rewrite claims to avoid logical non-follows.

That’s really attractive, but I’m wondering how much of my attraction is driven by the crab claws…


It seems that the photographs often stage the cookware as a serving vessel or platter - full of enticing food, but unrealistic. Its a shame they don’t have to label the picture “serving suggestion” like they do on frozen food packages. I am as capable as many of creating an attractive presentation of food in the serving trough :joy:but those images of cookware-in-action certainly don’t resemble what goes on on my stove.

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Thanks. The doozer ‘so’ is a new one for me. Such a little word to slip in, yet functionally like ‘therefore’, ‘hence’ and other indicators of causal connection where there is none.

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I usually try my best to wait for sales, and paid the 5.5Q pots not more than 150 euros.

Most of my Staub ECI are matte black. I notice that the matte black comes with a golden brass knot and shiny black comes with a silver SS knot.

I’ve offered a family member a grenadine oval cocotte, love that colour.

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Marketers gonna market :woman_shrugging:

Stackable sets for pro kitchens? If I don’t remember wrongly, Joël Robuchon’s restaurants use the red Staubs to serve certain food.

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Then I read the description and the stackable set is not all the same piece. But yeah, restaurants might have a bunch of the same one, especially those cute single serving minis.


Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 8.13.03 AM

BTW, many of the minis are in fact ceramic, not ECI.

I tried to get some cast iron minis, but they are too expansive when compared to the bigger pots. I ended up buying other brands minis, but don’t use much.

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The last resto I worked at had some Staub minis, I think they were non-enameled cast iron like these:

They are nice to serve puree, keep them warm for a long time. The tiny oval ones I use them to cook in each, a single quail.

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I got two of them included with a 4 quart cocotte on special. I agree they’re way too expensive individually.

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I have a large oval and a smaller round Staub (the size for no-knead bread) both in red. I use the oval ALL the time for soups. Both bought on sale when I was on the CI board and there were a few folks who quickly posted on great sales. I once had a small LC saucepan, which spouse burnt early in our marriage, with no idea the cost to replace. Needless to say, it was not replaced! The only catch is that the oval when full is too heavy for me to lift (restrictions) and it is so heavy that it cracked the plastic housing of the fridge shelf! Now it does not go in the fridge.

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