A measuring cup request

Most measuring cups have painted on markings that eventually fade away. Hand washing them seems pretty easy until you have some with residue that hardens or is sticky. I would very much like to find a set of one cup, two cup, and four cup (or rough equivalents in ml) that are borosilicate and have etched markings. I have searched a fair amount but keep looking. Does anyone know of a source? This seems like a desirable product for someone to produce. I imagine there are loads of cooks that would jump on such a product. Of course, that may just be me projecting.


etching seems to have go out of style.
get irked at the same ‘marks all gone’ thing - found some that are embossed ala:

lab beakers - the thinner borosilicate types with ‘white’ frost marking are much more durable than the kitchen style with red silk screen markings.


I would, too, but there is a curious disinterest among makers in making a new standard.

I doubt this is like rocket science. There are just a handful of parameters. The prospect of borosilicate gives them hives. I visited once with the inventor of the Emsa Perfect Beaker about a borosilicate version, but he was dismissive, claiming that his polycarbonate doesn’t have a crazing/cracking problem (emails showing the crazed, leaking item went unanswered).

The tech exists to put opaque markings completely inside the glass, meaning they can’t wear off.

If you find what you’re looking for, let me know.

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This comes pretty close, but the three at the bottom will not nest. So they will take up more drawer or shelf space.

Tim. Was there a link?

My Pyrex borosilicate cups still have their markings years later – here is the 4 cup.

(It’s annoying that they stopped making the 8 cup, which is kind of perfect for batters and things – have been looking for something like it for my aunt, but nothing comes close. Amazon makes this, but the reviews talk about markings being hard to see and wearing off before much use, and it’s heavy, plus no lid – the pyrex ones used to come with a lid)



The Pyrex ones look good, too.

Nice, but I do not think that style uses borosilicate these days. Their beakers do.

Not to mention the painted markings on polycarbonate wear much more quickly than do painted markings on glass. My 30 year old Pyrex-branded measuring cups still have their red paint, and a couple of them (1- and 2-cup) are used daily. Admittedly they’re not washed every time if I was just heating water, but they are both washed several times a week, mostly by hand.

My polycarbonate fat separator is used about 3 times a month and within the first few years lost all the markings. I ended up just scoring some lines along the outside (1, 2, 3, 4 cups) and occasionally darken the score lines with magic marker.

A company called Ocuisine sells borosilicate cookware and measuring cups. Ocuisine® ∙ borosilicate glass cooking dishes But I doubt there is etching.


Mine is maybe 20 years old. Was it borosilicate then?

I’ve been using it without issue in the microwave and out.

I can’t find any sources to buy, or prices

O’ Cuisine | Kitchen Warehouse™
I found some here, and a few at Target, but certainly not widespread, you are right. Looks like nice stuff tho…

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Sources I found were in Australia and New Zealand. About $18 per cup.

Have many more in the drawer. I tried marking some but that didn’t last.
I’ve had several (not Pyrex style) that are marked with incorrect lines. Took me a bit to notice.

I have this one.


Not sure if it’s still available but I have a pair from pampered chef with markings in the “glass”. Cups on one side liters on the other

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Ah, lab beakers. I’ve got a bunch of these from my winemaking delusions. No handle and narrow mouths rule them out for me for most cooking tasks. I do use them for ag chemicals, though.

This is good stuff, looks like.

Here’s another in borosilicate, 6 cups: https://www.worldmarket.com/p/prepara-catamount-6-cup-glass-measuring-batter-bowl-631972.html

A Ball mason jar has raised markings in the glass every 1/4 cup.