A friend's recent take on Pepe's in New Haven (CT)

Let the flame wars begin…

Not a lot of pizza afficionados here, apparently.

'twas worth a try :smiley:

I guess! I read the post and its sad but it does not surprise me. They are, after all, now a chain. And I have not enjoyed the Pepe’s in Yonkers for a very long time. That slice did look thick!

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Give it time…they will come
My first experience with Pepe’s pizza, New Haven was life changing.
There is a Pepe’s here in Westchester county and it seems the newer
ovens and some of the ingredients just can’t produce the same quality
pizza, however it is still better than most of the local pizzeria pizza in the area.

Pepe’s New Haven does not serve clam pizza when clams are out
of season…Westchester does and swears they are fresh clams.
It is easy to tell the difference between freshly shucked and whatever
else it is they use when they don’t have freshly shucked. As a matter of fact
one of the managers fessed up when I questioned a white clam pie I had ordered
Every other employee has lied and continues to lie about this?

I attributed the decline in the quality of the pizza to the newer location…I’m sorry to
hear that the decline is systemic :frowning:

There is much better pizza than Pepe’s around these days IMO…
Pics in order

  1. Pepe’s WC, Yonkers 1 year ago
    2.Pepe’s WC, New Haven 7 years ago
    3.Pepe’s sausage, New Haven 7 years ago
    4.Pepe’s anchovy, Yonkers 1 year ago
    5.Pepe’s mushroom, spinach, gorgonzola, mozz…( I would cut this into little squares and serve at a cocktail party…very rich…so delicious, but doesn’t feel like pizza to me …
    6.Pepe’s sausage and pepperoni, Yonkers 1 year ago
  2. Tomato and mozz pie, an all time favorite… from the now closed JT Straws in Port Chester…I couldn’t help myself
  3. Adding another one…Polpettina, Crestwood

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Correction…the 1 year ago pics were actually taken 2 years ago

Don’t forget Fortina. That is some of the best pizza I have ever had. though not a full size pie, if that is the comparison.

It has been years since my last visit to Pepe’s, it was just not worth the drive. The quality decreased, and in trying to revive the interest I went to the Fairfield location and it was a horrible experience, I felt like a tourist at Disneyland. The last straw was a glass of soda in a 6 ounce glass. Sally’s is still the best in NH.

There is no need to drive to NH any longer from SW CT. We have four pizza joints that are outstanding. In New Canaan there is Locali, in Norwalk there is Bar Sugo, Stamford has two with Amore and Fortina. Each has perfect crust and toppings that range from traditional to creative. Locali has its own take on the clam pizza which is brilliant.

Let the tourists go to Pepe’s, the rest of us can enjoy better pizza at more friendly places.

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I am so happy that Joe’s Locali is doing so well. We went when they first opened to check it out since we have been going to and loving Joe’s restaurants since the Strega days. Its a drive for us, so we go to Fortina mostly, but do hit Village Social a lot.

Thx for the reminder winecountrygirl…
we loved the pizza from Pizza Vita … Fortina looks to
be more that style, I’m looking forward to trying it

It’s really great. Hope you like it!

And if you ever see the pizza truck, Pizza Luca, a re-built Ford from the 50’s stop immediately and buy a pizza. The pizza is the real deal and the owner, Dean, a super nice guy.

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Is that in CT? Joe Bueti also has a pizza truck I believe with the former owners of A&S marketplace in Mt. Kisco. I have not had their pie though.

Usually outside farmers market at John Jay Farm in NY

Thanks, JF. I guess then I’ll have to wait for spring!

Longwinded, that guy…As a local, Pepe’s is best left to the touristas


“ferrying armloads of pizza”? :smirk:

I was just going to post the same thing re: longwinded

I didn’t read the whole thing but skimming it I found that particular pretentious blurb worth repeating

article: pepe’s sold out, they kind of suck now but are still good - the end

I noticed you said it was a friend (OP)

was going to delete this but I couldn’t

sorry for the mean spirited post

(it still was long winded tho ;))

That’s academics for ya '-)


The last time I was at the Wooster St. location was six years ago, but I did dig it back then. Also liked Bar (is that still around?; they had a mashed potato pie).

Then again, I’m in NYC, so some type of good pizza isn’t too far away.

In the burbs, so to speak, so I don’t go into NH that often nowadays. Now, I eat pizza about 8-10 times a year. I’ve been to most in NH. Roseland, in Derby, too.
No kerfuffle for me. I just go to Zois’ Pizza Palace in Seymour and don’t get all wound up about whether it’s thin enough or not. They make a solid, quality pie, no line, great service, good beer and wine…
Nice to see old, familiar people on here!