A board for HO members?

Harters leaving was upsetting. And the person who provoked it was so very mistaken. In his ridiculous accusations…and gone as well I believe.

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I’ll try to remember to email Harters tomorrow. What exactly happened I missed it.

a silly disagreement with a marine mammal.

Yes, really silly. The otter (name changed to anon75736618) and Harters were disagreeing over the term deconstructed. The thread is here:

I will refer myself as a “Funnion”

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I was reading that disagreement. I am surprised that they both took the issue so serious to the point that Hartes left for that? Maybe Hartes was just busy. It doesn’t even seem nearly that bad.


He had pretty regular run-ins with someone else too (also missing). I think he was fed up- I do hope he reconsiders. I’m more of a lurker myself, but I enjoy his posts even if he gets snotty sometimes… :smile:

(in my head I always referred to them as mommy and daddy fighting)

I noticed one who is missing resurfaced at FTC because “there’s a bad clique” here.


I laughed. hard.

“there’s a bad clique”

I don’t even know what it exactly refers to.

More made up stupid shit . I have no idea .


I’m pretty sure they were referring to you CK. (Joke)

Funny how some people have problem at multiple forums, yet the problem is always with the forum and not that individual!


I have actually considered that possibility except that I haven’t been very active in the past few months (due to relocation). :smiley:

What??? Are you still in Jersey?

Yes. Moved from Ewing (Trenton/Princeton area) to Scotch Plain (north of Edison).

Ohhhhh very nice! I’m an Edisonite, raised there although I moved to Monmouth County in 1994. Scotch Plains is a great town, I’m sure you’ll be happy there. While things have obviously changed if you have any general questions about the area inbox me.

Stupid question- do we/did we have a lounge? I thought I had access to something but if we still have one, I can’t find it??

If I’ve been cut off for some reason, that’s fine too but I just want to know that I’m not losing my mind more that I think I am.

I asked the same thing. I don’t think it exists any more

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